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HoopsHype NBA Mock Draft: Dejounte Murray & Marquese Chriss first round Husky picks

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Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Huskies weren’t likely to send anyone to the NBA Draft this season, but two super freshmen bucked that trend and will be selected sometime in June. Lorenzo Romar had an awesome recruiting class, and two of those frosh cashed in and decided to make their talents known.

Dejounte Murray, 13th pick, Phoenix Suns: In a rather weak draft, Murray is looking like a player worth watching as an uber-talented quick shooting guard who can attack the basket and score fast. That sort of offensive talent is still very raw, but if he gets enough time to develop and build.

Marquese Chriss, 20th pick, Indiana Pacers: The talent with Chriss is undeniable. He has big jumps, big hops, and is a power forward who can be big and strong and cause a lot of trouble off the bench. Chriss is probably not even close to being fundamentally ready and still needs to learn how to rebound, but his ability to score at certain spots.