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WSU Football: Mike Leach Has Yet To Change Washington State All That Much

Mike Leach and the Washington State Cougars need to continue to look forward this year and focus on getting better, according to Mark Sandritter of CougCenter.


What has discouraged you the most about the team's start?

Mark Sandritter, CougCenter: I think the losing in general is discouraging. WSU has done a lot of it recently and a lot of folks thought this was the year they'd move past that and become legitimately competitive. So falling back to the "same old Cougs" has been extremely discouraging.

The offensive production has also been discouraging. Mike Leach comes in and everyone expected him to improve an offense which scored just under 30 points per game a year ago. Instead, WSU has gone the opposite direction. Not exactly what people hoped for or expected.

What are your predictions for the second half?

Mark Sandritter, CougCenter: Mike Leach will say something that will draw media attention -- shocking I know -- and the team will be better than they are right now. I don't know that they'll win a single game the rest of the way, but they've had enough flashes to make me think they might be able to put together a performance at some point.

Technically, they are still bowl eligible, but I think the best case scenario is to continue to improve every week, maybe steal a game from a team like Utah, then win the Apple Cup and go into the offseason with some positive momentum.

(Funny, this interview was conducted before Leach banned Twitter for Washington State players.)