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Pac-12 football standings: WSU the only undefeated team in conference play

What a difference a year makes.

NCAA Football: California at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The North

  1. #23 Washington State: 7-0 in Pac-12, 8-2 overall. Washington State is probably not making the playoff. But a Rose Bowl? That’s very much on the table.
  2. #4 Washington: 6-1 in Pac-12, 9-2 overall. Ironically, nothing has changed much for Washington. Win out, win the Pac-12, playoff bid still very much there.
  3. Stanford: 5-3 in Pac-12, 7-3 overall. Stanford has rebounded from their midseason slide to three of the best teams in the conference to capture the bronze in the North.
  4. Cal: 2-5 in Pac-12, 4-6 overall. The Bears are on another late season slide.
  5. Oregon: 1-6 in Pac-12, 3-7 overall. This is the worst season for the Ducks in the new millenium.
  6. Oregon State: 1-6 in Pac-12, 2-8 overall. The Civil War is truly going to be one to forget.

The South

  1. #12 Colorado: 6-1 in Pac-12, 8-2 overall. The Buffs and Cougars are battling to keep faint playoff hopes alive this week.
  2. #20 USC: 6-2 in Pac-12, 7-3 overall. USC can still win the South! But they need some dominoes to fall, starting this weekend.
  3. #15 Utah: 5-2 in Pac-12, 8-2 overall. Utah controls their own destiny. Win out, go to Pasadena.
  4. Arizona State: 2-5 in Pac-12, 5-5 overall. Arizona State is the Cal of the South.
  5. UCLA: 2-5 in Pac-12, 4-6 overall. UCLA finally got a win, but their bowl hopes still need much resuscitating.
  6. Arizona: 0-7 in Pac-12, 2-8 overall. Basketball started.