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The Pac-12 Players are united in their stand against injustice and for protection to play in the 2020 college football season. Stand with them. #WeAreUnited

Pac-12 Players weigh in on Larry Scott after meeting

The players met with the Pac-12 commissioner, with apparently negative results

Larry Scott responds to Pac-12 Player Unity Movement

Scott penned a two-page response to the Pac-12 Player Representative Team after 11 players signed on for daily meetings with Scott, ADs

11 Pac-12 players sign letter to Larry Scott

The full letter asked for daily meetings to discuss the Pac-12 Player Unity Demands and sought daily meetings with administrators

Pac-12 Football Unity demands protection

As I stand with the Pac-12 Football Players in their #WeAreUnited mission, here are their protection demands

Pac-12 players stand United

The Pac-12 players are standing united with one another, demanding safety, security and protection