Pac-12 Basketball: Pac-12 NCAA Tournament Watch 2/27


Adam Butler and Jack Follman project where Pac-12 teams would be seeded in the NCAA Tournament if today was selection Sunday.

They're in

Arizona 23-4 (11-4)

Adam's take - 2 seed - As the Wildcats rolled over the Washington schools despite their coach being unimpressed with his team's defensive effort, the B1G, SEC, ACC, and Big East continued to beat up on each other. Unlike Miami, Georgetown, Louisville, or Michigan State, the Wildcats have a remaining schedule that's tough enough to give them street cred, while easy enough to let them steamroll.

Jack's take - 2 seed - Their wins over Miami and Florida will loom large as I think they are competing with the two sunshine state schools for the last two seed right now. They have a really good chance to solidify their standing if they can get revenge on UCLA next week.

Oregon 22-6 (11-4)

Jack's take - 6 seed - The loss at home to Cal stung, but holding court against Stanford keeps them out of the dreaded 7-9 seed range.

Adam's take - 5 seed - Their last home loss, as Jack said, hurt and perhaps sealed their fate as a middle seed. I'll maintain that the impending return of Dominic Artis and EJ Singler's shooting ability behoove their seeding chances but ultimately will benefit their on-court performance the most.

UCLA 20-7 (10-4)

Adam's Take - 7 seed - Whatever comes of the Bruins, they're going to scare teams. They have the ingredients to cause some havoc in the tournament but they also haven't done much by garnering national attention for reasons beyond backpacks, pinkeye, or a hot seat.

Jack's Take - 7 seed - The Bruins did what they needed to do by taking care of business at USC, but next week is the true test with the Arizona schools coming to town.

On the bubble

Cal 18-9 (10-5)

Jack's Take - 8 seed - Is Cal seriously only one game out of first place? The committee seems to love sticking teams that catch fire late in the season in the 8 and 9 seeds.

Adam's Take - 8 seed - In baseball, we used to encourage our teammates that were up to bat to "stay hot!" This was allusion to the fact that they were seeing the ball well and hitting it squarely and that they should continue to do so. As it were, I encourage Cal to "stay hot" because the committee loves a hot team.

Colorado 18-8 (8-6)

Adam's Take - 9 seed - The Buffs control their own destiny into the Big Dance despite their conference mark. They're still tearing up the computers (RPI 26) and are making progress towards tearing up the competition. The coming weeks will be challenging and I think if they can close out this regular season at a 3-1 clip they could very well see that seed shrink.

Jack's Take - 9 seed - Hopefully the Buffs got their rest in their single-game week against Utah as they have a tough road to the end of the regular season at the Bay Area schools and at home against the Oregon schools.

Arizona State 20-8 (9-6)

Jack's Take - NIT - Just when I finally thought that the Sun Devils were stepping up and getting a sixth Pac-12 team into the tournament, they get upset at home against Washington. The Sun Devils can really pad their resume though with a win at either Arizona or UCLA in the coming weeks though.

Adam's Take - NIT - Losing at home to Washington may have been the beginning of a back breaking. Their remaining schedule could be looked at positively as games against UCLA and Arizona provide them a great opportunity to play back into the tournament. But that's still to say they have remaining games at UCLA and Arizona that I really can't see the Sun Devils winning.

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