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Bowl Projections, Pac-12 Edition: Washington In The Alamo, California In The Holiday

Let's presume the best case scenario for the Pac-12 occurs.

  • Oregon wins the Pac-12 title game.
  • Stanford earns a BCS at-large bid, which is looking likelier than ever now that they're in the four spot.
  • UCLA earns a bowl waiver despite a 6-7 season.

So that'd leave the conference with seven bowl eligible teams instead of six.

Oregon Ducks: Rose Bowl vs. Michigan State/Wisconsin winner of Big Ten championship. Pretty automatic at this point unless Oregon fumbles the ball on every snap against UCLA.

Alternative: Alamo Bowl, if Oregon plays the stupidest game of football ever Friday night.

Stanford Cardinal: Fiesta Bowl vs. Oklahoma/Oklahoma State winner. Stanford is in great shape to earn an at-large bid, but they'll have to wait for everything to sort out.

Alternative: Alamo Bowl if the BCS at-large shuffle doesn't work out for them. Most likely would play Kansas State or the loser of Bedlam, depending on who the Cotton Bowl doesn't take. 

Washington Huskies: Alamo Bowl. Washington righted the ship with their Apple Cup victories, and of all the mediocre choices for San Antonio, the Alamo will probably decide UW is the team that deserves to get there the most. A matchup with Kansas State or Oklahoma State could be rather deadly though.

California Golden Bears: Holiday Bowl. Cal finished the season winning three of their final four including a respectable effort against the rivals, so it's likely the Bears are returning to San Diego after looking like the best of the non Oregon/USC/Stanford squads down the stretch. They would match up with one of the most enjoyable players in the country in Robert Griffin III and the Baylor Bears.

Alternative: Cal and Washington switch places based on whoever the bowls want. Right now either scenario is in play.

Utah Utes: Sun Bowl. Utah looked like they would lock up at least a bowl bid in the Holiday, perhaps even the Alamo when they had a 7-4 record, but the Utes blew it against Colorado and took themselves out of that race. With more attractive fanbases/TV markets like Cal and Washington on the table, Utah will likely be relegated to El Paso and a date with the ACC #4, which will be either Wake Forest or Virginia.

Arizona St. Sun Devils: Las Vegas Bowl. Maybe this is why ASU tanked down the stretch. Why get blown out by Oregon or Stanford when you can enjoy a week in the Strip? ASU would face the MWC champions TCU (who have clinched), where they will probably lose by four touchdowns.

UCLA Bruins*: Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl. Very much an asterisk now that UCLA is almost certain to finish 6-7 and would have to apply (and be granted) a bowl waiver. If Rick Neuheisel is handed his papers (as many of us suspect he will be), It's starting to comically look as if it really is Rose Bowl or bust for the Bruins faithful.