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Pac-12 Network: DirecTV Has Received 80,000 E-Mails From Angry Customers

There is clear demand for the Pac-12 Network from concerned DirecTV subscribers.

George Frey - Getty Images

DirecTV can say what they want about whether they should carry the Pac-12 Network or not. They can talk all they want about how much they don't need the channel. They can say that the Pac-12 isn't giving them a fair shake because they won't agree to their outlandish demands.

Just don't play down how much people want the Pac-12 Network. The demand clearly exists for it.

The Pac-12 Network is clearly being requested on a regular basis from DirecTV customers, which reflects a couple of things.

One, enough sports and/or Pac-12 fans care enough to request the channel, so there's definitely not an apathy issue. Pac-12 fans are hopping mad that they can't get the channel on their TV network.

Two, people willing to email DirecTV airing their frustrations about not getting the Pac-12 Network are quite likely to quit their subscription to the satellite carrier the longer the situation drags on. People passionate enough to voice their opinion on the situation are likely to progress forward and try out whatever alternatives are available to them. Dish is available most everywhere, and more and more cable carriers are signing up.

If DirecTV continues to play hardball with the Pac-12 Network, fans who desire the channel need to hop on out and move to another carrier that does have it in their area. The will is there, they just need to pull the trigger.