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Pac-12 Week 7 Evening Thread: USC vs. Washington

The USC Trojans and the Washington Huskies have one of the bigger tilts this week in the Pac-12.

Stephen Dunn - Getty Images

So, can we all agree that Stepfan Taylor is in the end zone now?

Basically, you know all you need to know about USC-Washington. USC has trouble with speed on the edges, but Washington has no offensive line, but Keith Price is mobile and can make plays, but USC has an offense that should march down the field quite a bit. Washington has good skill players. USC has better skill players. USC has better defensive players, but Washington's defensive scheme has to feel pretty solid compared to previous years. Washington has one Pete Carroll offensive coordinator leading the way, and USC has the other.

Also, it's going to be raining, which means it should be messy the longer this game goes along, which could mean a close contest when all is said and done. It could be one of those games. Draw and fire.

Also, Stepfan Taylor is still in the end zone.