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BCS rankings: Oregon State ranked No. 1 in two computers, Oregon projected No. 2 overall

The Oregon State Beavers have two BCS computer rankings where they are currently ranked number one overall, with the Oregon Ducks being second overall. Stanford, USC, and Washington are all currently simulated in the top 25.

Rick Scuteri-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Oregon State Beavers have performed well enough in the first three weeks and have three high quality wins to their name. Is it enough for them to earn No. 1 accolades?

According to two BCS computers, yes.

Oregon State is ranked No. 1 in the Colley Matrix, which makes sense since "rankings" of overall opponents are a big factor. The Beavers beat three teams that were ranked in the top 25 at some point this season, which has to be a huge deal compared to the weak strength of schedule for most opponents early in September.

The same thing happens with Massey, where strength of schedule is so important. The Beavers have always been known to schedule tough, and so far this year it looks like it's paid off.

According to SB Nation's simulated BCS standings, Oregon State is currently projected 12th overall. The Oregon Ducks continue to be projected 2nd, Stanford drops to 14th, and USC finished 15th, with Washington ending up at 23rd. UCLA is just outside at 26th, Arizona State 32nd, Arizona 42nd.