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Pac-12 Roundtable: USC Vs. Utah, Stanford Vs. Arizona Week 6 Games To Watch

The most important games on the Pac-12 football schedule include the USC Trojans facing the Utah Utes, the Stanford Cardinal battling the Arizona Wildcats, and also matchups like UCLA vs. Cal and Washington State vs. Oregon State.

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What game are you looking forward to the most in Week 6?

Avinash Kunnath, California Golden Blogs (Cal) and Pacific Takes: USC at Utah. The Trojans have been unimpressive to start October, but so have the Utes. However, if USC wants to start turning around their season, this is the game to do so. USC's run game should be contained by the Utah front, which will leave the football in the hands of Matt Barkley. Can he finally take advantage, or is this where the Trojans learn about their limitations?

Scott Allen, Rule of Tree (Stanford): Arizona at Stanford. I'm interested to see how Josh Nunes responds to his first career loss and what changes, if any, are evident in the play calling. Arizona's defense doesn't exactly inspire fear, but the Cardinal offense didn't inspire much confidence against Washington. Stepfan Taylor was a non-factor against the Huskies; that needs to change this week.

Utecentral, Ute Football Central (Utah): USC at Utah was to be the one of the biggest games in the Pac-12 before the season begun, but with USC's loss at Stanford and Utah under achieving with a huge loss to ASU and an overtime loss at Utah State, this game just isn't as sexy as many (including myself) had hoped. It's still a good game those as both teams have something to prove. For USC, it's that they are still the King of the South and for Utah, well, they are just trying to show that they aren't as bad as they looked against the Aggies (USU). Rice Eccles Stadium will be rocking especially if this is a close one, but I could see this being a blowout as well. Either way, I can't wait to be there and see USC coming to Salt Lake. Can I tell you, this is a ton better than having UNLV coming to town.

AndyPanda, Building the Dam (Oregon State): I'm tempted to say UCLA-California, if for no other reason than one of the fan bases is going to go off the deep end afterwards, no matter what. But I'm going to go with Washington St.-Oregon St. because we could well see 120 passes for 800 yards. The Cougars are 12th in the country in passing despite having to change quarterbacks already, and the Beavers are 4th. And neither team is going to waste much time running; Oregon St. is 96th in rushing, and Washington St. 123rd (of 124 FBS teams).

David Piper, Addicted to Quack (Oregon): From a personal standpoint, I want to see Oregon crush our hated rivals from Seattle. From a compelling football standpoint, Arizona at Stanford. Stanford has had trouble with spreads, but does Rich Rodriguez have the talent to exploit Stanford's front seven? And, even if not, can Stanford score enough to make it matter? Or will Stanford just pound the ball against a 3-3-5 that isn't built to contain power teams. I actually like Arizona to win this game, and I might like Arizona by a lot.

Trevor Wong, Conquest Chronicles (USC): USC at Utah. Before the season started, I think this was the game everybody picked as the so-called "trap game" for the Trojans. Well, that might not be the case anymore, but as much as the Utes have struggled this year, so have the Trojans. If Khaled Holmes can't go, it makes the game that much more interesting. It'll be another road game for USC with a backup center starting on the road against a very physical defensive front. Sound familiar?

Adam Butler, Pac Hoops and Pacific Takes: Easiest question yet. I’m going to the Arizona-Stanford game. I’m making breakfast burritos with 15 other Wildcats at 7:30am and tailgating for the first and only trip Arizona makes to the Bay Area between both football and basketball this season. I will be wearing Wildcat gear and reminding everyone that I’m wearing Wildcat gear. I’ve been looking forward to this game since schedules were released and I sincerely think – homer hat off – Arizona has a shot to win this game. While my homer hat is still off I’ll mention that no one in a Stanford uni can be all too pleased with their performance in Seattle so the Wildcats had better look out. (Homer hat back on) But The Farm had better look out cause we’re coming.

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes: UCLA at Cal - This might not be a great game on paper, but there is a lot at stake here. Tedford needs to win a lot of games to maintain job security and this is one that he needs to win. It will be interesting to see if his team rallies around him. I think Cal is better than their record indicates and I think UCLA isn't as good as their record indicates and I think Cal getting the game at home will help equalize the matchup, particularly because Cal actually looks to have a solid defense.