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Pac-12 Roundtable: Arizona State Sun Devils Most Underrated Team In The Conference?

The Arizona State Sun Devils might be the most underrated team in the Pac-12, issuing lockdown performances against the Utah Utes and the California Golden Bears, and currently standing at 4-1 in the Pac-12 South as a legitimate conference contender.

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Which Pac-12 team is probably the most underrated at this point?

Avinash Kunnath, California Golden Blogs (Cal) and Pacific Takes: Arizona State has probably not beaten a quality team yet, but they're 4-1, they have a capable QB who can execute quick drops and solid throws, and their front seven is starting to look like one of the fiercest units in the country. Even more crazy? They remain one of the least penalized teams in the country through five wins.

Scott Allen, Rule of Tree (Stanford): USC. Is that even possible? I think the Trojans' offense starts firing on all cylinders over the next two weeks, as USC starts building some momentum for its Nov. 3 showdown with Oregon.

Utecentral, Ute Football Central (Utah): No sure if they are considered underrated, but ASU isn't currently ranked and I've watched their last two games from start to finish and these guys are good, especially considering how very little was expected from this team at the beginning of the year. I can't say enough good things about their quarterback (Taylor Kelly) who just seems to be in control on every play. They've had the easiest conference schedule so far with Utah, Cal and now Colorado, but we'll really see what the Devils are made of when they take on Oregon in three weeks.

AndyPanda, Building the Dam (Oregon State): We won't really know for a couple more weeks, by which time the schedule is going to expose Arizona St. and Washington as overrated or underrated depending on how they do. After Colorado, the Sun Devils face 4 consecutive games against currently ranked teams, and they haven't faced a complete team yet.

David Piper, Addicted to Quack (Oregon): ASU. Look at the way they are playing. They've always had talent in Tempe, but now they play with the discipline that was lacking under Dennis Erickson. Will Sutton is a monster on the defensive line, and there is not a major hole on either side of the football. As a Duck fan, going to ASU on a Thursday night worries me far more than Stanford or USC.

Trevor Wong, Conquest Chronicles (USC): UCLA. There's actually another college football team in town. Like I said previously, I don't think anybody predicted the Bruins would be 4-1 out of the gates. Much has been talked about tailback Johnathan Franklin and quarterback Brett Hundley, but the Bruins' defense has also been very good with 14 turnovers forced through five games (fourth in the nation).

Adam Butler, Pac Hoops and Pacific Takes: As far as the underrated squads go, it’s easy to mention Oregon State. They’ve crept up on some people but now they’re falling in to the perhaps aptly rated category. I feel like this one is really hard because the Pac-12 is getting a lot of love these days. I will say Arizona is still a team that’s going to frighten people despite an 0-2 record and maybe WSU will eventually turn some heads. That was a tough half they put up against the Ducks. It’s so damn early.

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes: Arizona State - I always thought that they should have been better under Dennis Erickson than they were, especially last year. They have good talent, a good quarterback and a good front seven, which can go a long way in the Pac-12 which doesn't really have many good front sevens as a whole. It's always been a mental thing with the Sun Devils though, can they stay focused and disciplined the rest of the year?