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Pacific Takes BlogPoll, Week 6: Stanford, USC and Oregon State in a Pack; Arizona State In

The Ducks hold steady while Stanford, USC and Oregon State bunch together in the middle of the rankings and Arizona State jumps in.

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

1. Alabama - The Crimson Tide are going to have to keep playing at the highest level as there are a ton of teams who are good enough to grab the top spot if they slip up.

2. Oregon - The Ducks have looked unflappable so far this season and now have a week off before their first true road game of the season.

3. South Carolina - Their dismantling of Georgia might be the most impressive win logged by any team thus far.

4. Florida - Florida's handling of LSU is right up their with South Carolina's win over Georgia.

5. Kansas State - The Wildcats are surrounded by elite company in the Top 10 and have played like they belong all year.

6. Notre Dame - The Irish's schedule doesn't allow for many weeks off as they get another serious test against Stanford next week.

7.West Virginia - They might have the best offense in the country, but they might have one of the worst defenses in the country too. It might be hard for them to win many more big games if they can't slow opponents.

8. LSU - The Tigers still have the talent to get to the BCS Championship, but it will be a much tougher task now.

9. Oklahoma - No team may have benefited more from a number of top-ranked teams falling than the Sooners and they can begin their climb back to the top next week against Texas.

10. Stanford - After looking great all around against USC, the Cardinal looked horrible on offense against Washington and horrible on defense against Arizona.

11. USC - This team can still play with anyone in the country, but their lack of depth means that they have to stay healthy.

12. Ohio State - The overall weakness of the Big 10 could mean that the Buckeyes have an easy path to undefeated, especially after already beating Michigan State and Nebraska.

13. Oregon State - The Beavers didn't play great, but luckily they were playing Washington State so it didn't really matter.

14. Texas - The Longhorns looked like they were ready for primetime against West Virginia but can't have a letdown against Oklahoma.

15. Georgia - The Bulldogs couldn't have looked any worse against South Carolina. It will be nice for them to have a week off to regroup.

16. Louisville - Still waiting to see how this team will do against the better teams in the Big East.

17. Florida State - Another year, another disappointing loss to an average ACC team that derails Florida State's hopes and dreams.

18. Clemson - So maybe the Tigers aren't out of the ACC title hunt yet...

19. Mississippi State - Sneakily still undefeated, but have yet to face any of the SEC powers yet.

20. Rutgers - Have remained undefeated despite a decent schedule so far, but still am skeptical of their belonging in the Top 20.

21. Cincinnati - Once again, see Rutgers above.

22. Texas A&M - Their tough loss to Florida looks a lot better now.

23. Baylor - They will be able to score all year, but will they be able to stop anyone?

24. Boise State - The Broncos don't have any tests really until the last week of the season when they face Nevada.

25. Arizona State - This spot in the Pac-12 seems to change every week. Expect the Sun Devils to hold onto it for one more week at least as they face hapless Colorado next.