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Pac-12 Football Schedule: Oregon Vs. USC Undoubtedly Game To Watch

Unbelievably, the Oregon Ducks facing the USC Trojans is still the game to watch this week, and maybe this season.

Steve Dykes

What is the Pac-12 game to watch this week and why?

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes - Oregon at USC. It is no longer the "Game to End All Games" it was going to be before USC lost a couple times, but it is still the best chance I think a Pac-12 team has of beating or even really challenging Oregon. Let's hope that the Trojans loss to Arizona makes them mad and they show up. Otherwise, it could get ugly.

Adam Butler, Pacific Takes & Pac Hoops - It's still USC and Oregon and they don't like each other any more today than they did when this game was getting epic hype. No matter what, this one is going to be interesting. Does a Duck blowout in the Coliseum prove a full passing of the guard? Has the guard already been passed? So much storylines.

Andy Wooldridge, Building The Dam - It's a toss up between Oregon at USC, which might not be as good as expected now that USC appears surprisingly vulnerable, but still has the potential to be the game, and the story, of the year, and Arizona St. at Oregon St., which is a game where the winner could be headed for a strong finish to a special season, and the loser could see their season disintegrate into a Las Vegas Bowl after what seemed would be so much better, no matter which team wins.

Fortunately, they make for a good double header, and tv fans can watch both.

Jon Woods, Ralphie Report - While the conference line-up is great this weekend, the game to watch remains Oregon-USC. Should be fun.

Trevor Wong, Conquest Chronicles - Oregon at USC. Obviously the matchup has lost a little luster with the Trojans' loss last weekend, but it'll still be an exciting game to watch with all that speed and talent on offense for both teams.