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Pacific Takes BlogPoll, Week 10: Pac-12 Holds Steady

Not many shakeups in this week's BlogPoll as most Pac-12 teams hold steady and Oregon stays in the second spot.


1. Alabama - The Crimson Tide were challenged for the first time this year and responded well. Their win at LSU is the highest quality win any team hasn't gotten this year. Watch how they play in a trap game this week against Texas A&M though. If they can't handle the Aggies hurry-up, spread offense, there's no reason to think they can handle Oregon's.

2. Oregon - The Ducks have yet to face a good defense this year, but until proven otherwise, no one can even slow them down at all.

3. Kansas State - The fact that the Big 12 is the strongest conference top to bottom this year, makes the fact that the Wildcats are still undefeated in November even more impressive.

4. Notre Dame - I just don't think the Irish have been that impressive all year outside of their win at Oklahoma. I think they are a ways behind the top three.

5. Ohio State - Even if they were eligible, I don't think the Buckeyes would be getting much consideration for the BCS Championship Game right now.

6. Georgia - The Bulldogs have the best chance of any one-loss team to slip back into the national championship conversation if they can win out, beat Alabama in the SEC Championship Game and have a couple teams ahead of them lose.

7. Florida - No matter how good their defense is, the Gators will have a tough time winning big games if their offense can't step it up.

8. Florida State - Would be interesting to see where the Seminoles would be ranked in the BCS if they were undefeated.

9. LSU - The Tigers almost got themselves right back into the thick of the national championship chase but just couldn't pull it out. Still, this is one of the best teams in the country.

10. Louisville - The Cardinals should have found a way to schedule a top team out of conference to give themselves a win that might boost them in the rankings. Unfortunately for them, they will probably be stuck in this area the rest of the year even if they win out.

11. Clemson - Could jump into the BCS if they win out and beat South Carolina. Otherwise they are kind of stuck here.

12. South Carolina - The Gamecocks are a good program right now, but seem to hover in this area each and every year under Spurrier. Will they ever be able to take the next step?

13. Oklahoma - Another team that could sneak into a BCS bowl if they win out and a couple other teams lose.

14. Oregon State - The Beavers get their first true showdown of the year at Stanford this week and will still control their destiny in the Pac-12 North if they win.

15. Stanford - The Cardinal can start to make a case for being the second best team in the Pac-12 if they can get by Oregon State this week.

16. Texas A&M - This is one of the last teams in the country that I would want to play right now. They are putting up Oregon type numbers and their only losses were close and to Florida and LSU.

17. Texas - The Longhorns proved that they below towards the top of the Big 12 heap by beating Texas Tech more easily than predicted.

18. UCLA - Arizona came into the Rose Bowl as one of the hottest teams in the country and left bruised, battered and blown out. The Bruins now control their own destiny in the Pac-12 South.

19. Nebraska - Another gutty win keeps the Huskers as the favorite to win the Big 10.

20. Louisiana Tech - They look like the best non-BCS team in the country this year with an unstoppable offense and their only loss being in a tight one to Texas A&M.

21. USC - Let's see... the Trojans came into the season ranked number one in the country and now have three losses, just gave up 62 points to Oregon, are barely ranked and trail UCLA in the polls and the Pac-12 South. Was this the unfinished business?

22. Northwestern - The Wildcats only lost to Nebraska by one, or they would be the favorites to win the Big 10 right now.

23. Mississippi State - The Bulldogs seem like they are stuck in the middle of the SEC right now, but that's not necessarily that bad of a place to be.

24. Northern Illinois - Only a one-point loss to Iowa prevents stands in the way of an unblemished record right now for Northern Illinois.

25. Toledo - The MAC is probably the best non-BCS conference this year and maybe even better than the Big East. Toldeo's only loss was at Arizona in overtime.