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Pacific Takes BlogPoll, Week 14: Ducks Move Into Top 5

Four Pac-12 teams finish the regular season in the Top 25 with Oregon leading the way at number five.


1. Notre Dame - Everyone has been doubting Notre Dame all year long. I have a strange feeling they are going to play better than everyone expects in the BCS Championship Game.

2. Alabama - It wasn't easy but the Crimson Tide worked their way back into the BCS Championship Game and should be favored to win their third national championship in four years.

3. Florida - Came very close to making it to the BCS Championship Game and could be a scary team in the coming years if they can find an offense.

4. Ohio State - Were the tattoos worth missing out on a BCS Championship or at least a Rose Bowl?

5. Oregon - I don't envy whoever gets the Ducks in the BCS bowl they are selected for in what could be Chip Kelly's last game as head coach.

6. Kansas State - Other than the one hiccup against Baylor, the Wildcats played superbly all year.

7. Georgia - I hate that Georgia will likely get passed over by Florida for a BCS bowl because they had to play in a conference championship game.

8. LSU - You know you are a good program when you finish the regular season ranked number eight but you still feel like the season was a bit of a failure.

9. Texas A&M - Would love to see these guys play in a BCS bowl instead of Wisconsin, Louisville and Florida State.

10. Stanford - The best SEC team that doesn't play in the SEC. Their fronts could match-up with anyone in the country.

11. South Carolina - The Gamecocks are young and talented. Watch out for them next year.

12. Oklahoma - The Sooners didn't quite fulfill their dreams coming into the season, but the Sugar Bowl could be a nice consolation.

13. Florida State - They had to beat Georgia Tech to qualify for a BCS bowl, seriously?

14. Clemson - I'm sure they really wish that they were in the Coastal Division.

15. Northern Illinois - I respect what the Huskies have done this year, but please don't put them in the BCS.

16. Oregon State - This is actually probably Mike Riley's best-ever team in Corvallis.

17. Nebraska - I have heard that Bo Pelini's teams hate playing for him so much that they start packing it in at the end of the season. Boy, it sure looked like it Saturday.

18. Northwestern - Really, these guys are better than you think.

19. UCLA - Put together an impressive performance in almost stealing the Rose Bowl away from Stanford.

20. Utah State - In a perfect world they would play a bowl game against Northern Illinois to prove who is the best non-BCS team in the land.

21. Vanderbilt - The prestigious academic schools in the major college football have done very well this year - Stanford, Northwestern, Vanderbilt and Notre Dame.

22. Michigan - The Wolverines can't be looking forward to their daunting bowl game against a very good SEC team.

23. Texas - I know it is hard to stomach how average the Longhorns are right now, but watch out for them in the coming years, they are very young.

24. Louisville - The king of the pitiful Big East.

25. Boise State - Has this program peaked?