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The Elite 11 Pac-12 Football QB Recruits Out Of The Elite 11 Era

Who are the 11 most elite quarterbacks coming out of high school who signed with Pac-12 schools during the era of the Elite 11 camp?

Steve Dykes - Getty Images

With the majority of the major camps finished, coaches on vacation and Fall camp still a few weeks away for most teams, mid-summer is the slowest time of the year for college football recruiting fans. During this time period, the Elite 11 serves as the only beacon of light for us obsessed fans and it is a great camp to follow to see which of the highly rated quarterbacks who are committed to Pac-12 schools are likely going to emerge as being a little bit more highly regarded than some of their peers.

Selecting 11 elite quarterbacks since 1999, a large number of players who ended up signing with Pac-12 schools have been selected, with some going on to become superstars and others becoming utterly forgettable. While this year's crop has yet to be selected, I put together an Elite 11 of the most highly rated high school quarterbacks to sign with Pac-12 schools coming out of high school regardless of whether not they were selected as such at the camp.

Matt Barkley 6'3 225 Santa Ana, CA - Mater Dei High School - Class of 2009 - USC

Regarded as the top quarterback in his class, Barkley was already built like an NFL quarterback coming out of high school from national powerhouse Mater Dei. Though he wasn't selected to the official Elite 11, Barkley has nothing but back up his top billing during his time as a Trojan.

John David Booty 6'3 200 Shreveport, LA - Evangel Christian Academy - Class of 2003 - USC

Booty was named the top quarterback and was elected to the Elite 11 even with skipping his senior year of high school. Had a great deal of hype surrounding him, especially because of skipping ahead and leaving SEC country for LA.

Aaron Corp 6'4 185 Orange, CA - Orange County Lutheran - Class of 2007 - USC

USC has signed an incredible four guys who were considered to be the top quarterback in the country coming out of high school in the Elite 11 era (Barkley, Booty, Leinart and Sanchez) and Corp was the most highly rated guy after that upper echelon and made the Elite 11 in 2006.

Trent Edwards 6'4 220 Los Gatos, CA - Class of 2002 - Stanford

Edwards kinds of gets forgotten because he had an underwhelming career at Stanford, but he was one of the most highly rated quarterbacks in his class and a member of the 2011 Elite 11.

Brett Hundley 6'4 215 Chandler, AZ - Class of 2011 - UCLA

Hundley was the top quarterback on the West Coast in a weak crop in 2011 and was heralded as being the Bruins quarterback of the future when Neuheisel was able to sign him.

Zach Kline 6'2 195 Danville, CA - San Ramon Valley High School - Class of 2012 - Cal

Kline hasn't had a chance to prove himself on the field yet with Cal, but he was the top rated quarterback on the West Coast in the class of 2012 and was selected for the Elite 11 last summer.

Matt Leinart 6'5 215 Santa Ana, CA - Mater Dei High School - Class of 2001 - USC

Very impressive that Mater Dei produced the two best quarterbacks of this era, and though he wasn't quite as hyped as some of the other elite quarterbacks USC has signed because recruiting was covered less in his time, Leinart was considered to be among the best quarterbacks in the nation coming out of high school and made the 2000 Elite 11.

Jake Locker 6'2 210 Ferndale, WA - Class of 2006 - Washington

Locker was touted as the savior of the Huskies program when he signed, but was actually recruited by some other programs as a defensive back. Despite working in a wing-t offense in high school, Locker's pure athleticism and leadership made him one of the most coveted quarterbacks on the West Coast.

Andrew Luck 6'3 215 Houston, TX - Stratford High School - Class of 2008 - Stanford

Luck was already being speculated as a potential number one draft pick even back when he was in high school and the Cardinal were able to grab the skilled signal caller from the tough recruiting grounds of Texas. Luck made the 2007 Elite 11 and it is just one of the many honors that he has secured throughout his career.

Mark Sanchez 6'2 215 Mission Viejo, CA - Class of 2005 - USC

Sanchez was seen as a too good to be true prospect when he came out of Mission Viejo with a 2004 Elite 11 and it is incredible that four quarterbacks on this list to hail from Orange County, which has to be the most fertile ground for raising standout QBs in the nation.

Matt Tuiasosopo 6'2 205 Woodinville, WA - Class of 2004 - Washington

The original Husky savior before Locker, Tuiasosopo was touted as being like his legendary older brother but even better and looked like he could in fact be the next great Husky QB when he made in the Elite 11 in 2003. Unfortunately for Husky fans he ended up signing with the hometown Mariners and never played football.