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Elite 11: Max Browne, Jared Goff, Joshua Dobbs Make Cut From Pac-12

It looks like there will be another host of Pac-12 quarterbacks with Elite 11 honors on their resume (see our earlier interviews with Pac-12 QBs from the West Coast, including one who missed the cutoff in Troy Williams).

One of the shoo-ins going in and coming out was Max Browne out of Skyline. The USC commit did enough to earn himself MVP consideration at the camp along with Christian Hackenberg and eventual MVP Asiantii Woulard. Bryan Fischer of CBS Sports got some good quotes from Browne.

On being a part of USC's recruiting class

"It's 16 strong, with only 2 more spots left. It's been really exciting to follow it. That's one of the reasons why I committed early, to help lead that class and put my mark on it. It's a great class and it's amazing to think only a couple years ago people were saying USC is done and now we're atop the recruiting rankings."

On his high school offense vs. USC's

"My school we run a shotgun spread and USC runs prostyle. It'll be a little different but it's something I wanted because my goal one day is to hopefully play in the NFL. Nothing prepares you better in that regard than USC and a big reason for that is its offense."

Zach Kline could have competition for the future of Cal football. Jared Goff was at times going toe-to-toe with Browne on the field and at times performed just as well. He also made the cut. Goff started high, struggled in the middle, then bounced back strong.

"I feel good about it," Goff said. "I came out in the first ranking at four, then I had a little bit of an off day yesterday. I had a couple throws I wish I could get back, went down to seven. Then today I went eight-for-eight, think I hit every pass. I should be moving up far as I know."

Here's another video courtesy of Scott Enyeart.

Cal Bears Commit Jared Goff reacts to Elite 11 Selection (via scottenyeart)

Arizona State will be pleased to know that Todd Graham picked up what looks like a steal in Joshua Dobbs. Dobbs was kind of unheralded going into this week, but he performed very well this week. More from Fischer.

On committing to Arizona State

"I chose ASU because they had my major -- aeronautical engineering -- and I'll also have the chance to participate in the honors college. Then from the opportunity I had to meet with coach (Todd) Graham and coach (Mike) Norvell, I really liked those guys and got along with the staff."

On Todd Graham being different than he's portrayed after leaving Pitt

"I didn't really know too much about the whole Pittsburgh-ASU thing. I went in there with an open mind and when I had a chance to meet him in person on campus, it was awesome. I really loved how he was bringing the family tradition into ASU and how he was changing and turning around the program."

There is still the possibility of Zack Greenlee joining those three, as he is a West Coast product who remains committed and holds one standing offer right now from Fresno State. Yet there were times this one-offer QB showed what he was capable of, and at times was among one of the top performers in the camp. Greenlee started to show what he's capable of in a camp filled with elite QBs. Expect a few Pac-12 offers to come his way after his performance.