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Olympic Medal Count 2012: Rowing Results Has Pac-12 Nation Tied With France For 4th Place


Three rowing event medals were awarded earlier today, and the University of Washington earned a bunch of medals this afternoon to start entering the Pac-12 medal count. Here is your (unofficial) Pac-12 medal count going into tonight's swimming events.

Team Gold Silver Bronze
Cal 1 1 4
USC 1 2 2
Washington 0 2 2
Arizona 0 1 0

You could subtract a few here and there because of team events, but in the end Pac-12 Nation would have 11 event medals (two gold, four silver, five bronze), which currently places them in a tie for fourth with France. Not too shabby!

Men's eight finals

With Germany and Great Britain spending most of the race dueling with each other, the Canadians found a way to sneak in and overtake the fading British for silver. The British were stuck with bronze. Canada has two rowers from the Pac-12 in Will Crothers (Washington) and Conlin McCabe (Washington).

The United States team got off to a poor start and were stuck in catch up mode most of the race, so Zach Vlahos (Cal), David Banks (Stanford), Jake Cornelius (Stanford), Giuseppe Lanzone (Washington), Brett Newlin (Washington) ended up not medalling. The Dutch (featuring Cal's Olivier Siegelaar) finished fifth.

Women's quadruple sculls finals

A second place finish in the repechage got the USA team back into the final, and they made the most of their opportunity as they managed to squeak out a bronze medal. Kara Kohler (Cal), Megan Kalmoe (Washington), Adrienne Martelli (Washington) are part of that boat.

Men's pair semifinals

Scott Frandsen (Cal) and David Calder (Washington) of Canada just finished third in their semifinal heat to stay alive for the final and a medal. Silas Stafford (Stanford) and Tom Peszek finished fourth for the United States and have to run in the consolation race.

Full replays of today's events can be found here, along with links to the results.

Addendum: Update from yesterday's post on swimming results: Forgot to mention two swimmers in Clark Burckle (Arizona) and Clement Leffert (USC), and one of them went on to win a medal.

  • Burckle finished with the second fastest time in his heat in the 200 meter breaststroke, then finished with the sixth fastest time overall in the semis (although it was the second fastest time in his heat). He swims in the final tonight.
  • Leffert was one of the members of France's 4 x 200 meter freestyle relay, and the Trojan managed to get a silver medal for his team's performance. That pushed USC back into a tie with Cal for the most medals in the Pac-12.