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Pac-12 Network & Comcast: Market-By-Market Details

The Pac-12 Network and Comcast are having their issues right now if you're out-of-market. Find out what regions are getting which coverage.

The Pac-12 Network has issued an official response to the situation regarding Comcast not airing channels in certain markets.

Here’s the thing: our distributors decide how to package the Networks in the outer markets like Chicago, Washington D.C. and Houston. That’s where you guys come in. You have to push your carriers to distribute Pac-12 Networks. Tell them you want the Networks, you need the Networks, you might die if you don’t get the Networks. Our staff is relaying your sense of urgency in the negotiations, but the carriers need to hear it from you, the fans, because that’s ultimately where their money is coming from. You can do that by emailing your provider through our Channel Finder at

So there you go.

Some of you have been asking at how Comcast has been distributing the Pac-12 Network nationwide based on their confusing methods for distributing the channels on a region-by-region basis. Here appears to be the current breakdown of how they're viewing coverage.

If you are in one of the six Pac-12 states (Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon, Utah, Washington), you will be able to get the Pac-12 regional channel from your Comcast provider. Which tier you get it on depends on your location.

Designated market areas (or DMAs) for each schools will get the network on their Comcast Digital Starter package. Here are the Designated Market Areas assigned to each school.

  • Arizona - Tucson
  • Arizona State - Phoenix
  • Cal & Stanford - San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose
  • Colorado - Denver
  • Oregon - Eugene
  • Oregon State - Portland
  • Stanford - San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose
  • UCLA & USC - Los Angeles
  • Utah - Salt Lake City
  • Washington - Seattle
  • Washington State - Spokane

If you live within one of the six Pac-12 states but not inside one of the Designated Market Areas, you'll be getting the regional and the national network on the Digital Preferred package. So if you're in the Sacramento/Fresno regions of California, you'll have to upgrade up one tier from Digital Starter to Digital Preferred to get Pac-12 Network Bay Area (or Pac-12 Network Los Angeles, depending on your location).

The official statement from a Comcast employee was that "if you live outside one of the Pac-12 states, The Pac-12 National Network will be part of the Sports/Entertainment Package in most markets." I guess by most markets they meant "flip a coin for your market", because about half the out-of-market Comcast areas won't be receiving the service at this time.

Here are the markets outside the six Pac-12 states currently confirmed to receive the Pac-12 Network on Comcast.

  • Philadelphia
  • Pittsburgh
  • Boston
  • Atlanta
  • Tampa

Markets outside the six Pac-12 states currently confirmed to not be getting the Pac-12 Network on Comcast.

  • Chicago (and entire state of Illinois)
  • Detroit (and entire state of Michigan)
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul (and entire state of Minnesota)
  • Houston (unsure about rest of Texas)
  • Washington DC (and the surrounding areas of Virginia and Maryland)
  • Indianapolis (and entire state of Indiana)
  • Memphis (and entire state of Tennessee)

(Source: The506)

Your guess is as good as mine as to why some of these areas were chosen for service while the rest were denied.

The Pac-12 National Network will only be available in Standard Definition in these out-of-market area. However, accessing the channel via your cable subscription (likely with the Sports and Entertainment Package) will provide you the ability to watch the channel using TV Everywhere, meaning you can watch the game via your mobile device or computer (although there is the obvious caveat you'll have to go through XFINITY.TV rather than to access live video content).