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Pac-12 Network Rumors: DirecTV Deal Would Be National Channel Only?

Finally, a source from inside the business that might have an idea as to what is going on between the Pac-12 Network and DirecTV. John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal lets us know the stitch on what could possibly happen between the network and the satellite company. He isn't sure if it'll happen, but if it does happen, he knows when.

Better cross your fingers for the former if you want this network to get the national distribution. You can put the pressure on but going to I Want Pac-12 Networks and sending the proper emails to DirecTV.

Also regarding Pac-12 Network rumor mill talk, we've gone from the earlier rumor of a Pac-12 Network with all seven channels being available via an exclusive subscription package to a Pac-12 Network that might have only the national channel available. I'd say this is acceptable tot he conference. The $14.99 subscription package is still tough to believe (how many Pac-12 fans would pay for that?), so I'd venture to think the Pac-12 and DirecTV will come to the table here. Both sides will agree on getting the national channel up for most of the country to see while also putting together TV Anywhere packages so any Pac-12 telecast will be viewable online. That would be an acceptable distribution plan for many fans in the conference.

Unfortunately, no one seems to have a clear answer as to what is exactly happening.

Guesses, guesses, guesses. Does anyone have a real source? For all I know a deal is in place and everyone's just screwing with us for the attention, or Larry Scott and Rupert Murdoch are engaged in John Travolta/Nicolas Cage-type duel where they're busy looking for each other's faces.