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Pac-12 Network Rumors: DirecTV Subscription Package In Works?

A DirecTV package to air all 7 Pac-12 Network channels could be in the works according to multiple sources.

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So the Pac-12 Network and DirecTV are supposedly nearing a deal according to various sources, bloggers, anonymous types,etc. Let's play along, shall we?

This Tweet came out yesterday.

Further contact with this source seems to indicate that it runs similar to the Fox Soccer Package. For those not familiar with how DirecTV does things, they provide Fox Soccer Plus for $14.99 a month, which provides the majority of the remaining big European soccer matchups that Fox Soccer and other soccer channels like ESPN Deportes or GolTV handle.

So in this case, I'd guess that the Pac-12 National Network would become available on the regular DirecTV Sports Pack, and then there would be an option to add the remaining Pac-12 regional networks in a separate plan that would cost somewhere $14.99 a month to access the six regional networks. The question remains on whether TV anywhere would be available for buying just the Sports Pack.

I cannot imagine the Pac-12 agreeing to terms that would not have the national network (and potentially the regional channels in the regional areas) available on the regular Sports Pack. Agreeing to have all the networks on a separate plan would be a lose-lose for just about everyone. The best possible solution is to have the national network on the Sports Pack and the This way the diehards can be appeased with the premium package and everyone who just wants the basic distribution to the big football and basketball matchups will also get what they want.

You have to figure that TV Everywhere will apply as well down the road, as soon as the Pac-12 Network has its infrastructure up and ready to go for digital distribution with DirecTV.

This price arrangement will be a bit on the expensive side for customers who want niche TV channels. Will customers shell out $14.99 a month to pay for a separate Pac-12 Network arrangement? It's one thing asking subscribers to pay $14.99 a month to get the best soccer matchups around the world. It's quite another to ask them to shell out the same amount for a handful of football games on a one day a week basis.

It remains to be seen, but hopefully the national network will garner regular national distribution so everyone around the country will get to watch this network by Thursday affternoon.