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College Football Rankings Reaction: Are UCLA & Arizona Top 25 Teams?

Are the UCLA Bruins and Arizona Wildcats top 25 teams after upsetting the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Oklahoma State Cowboys?

Stephen Dunn - Getty Images

Haven't touched yet on the Pac-12 having five teams this week in the top 25, have we? Dan Rubenstein of Solid Verbal fame addresses the situation in his rundown of his top 25 reaction.

Basically, Rubenstein isn't quite sold on UCLA and Arizona yet. Despite the spectacular wins by the Bruins over the Huskers and the Wildcats over the Cowboys, there is some reason to be skeptical about whether UCLA and Arizona can sustain that effort through September. Thankfully, both teams get easy games this week (unless UCLA does a classic UCLA letdown against Houston), so it's hard to see either of them dropping out barring disastrous performances.

Also, Rubenstein isn't buying Oregon State either! Man, what is with all this Pac-12 hate?

I'm guessing Rubenstein is just mad he's stuck in New York City while the most exciting conference in football forces him to stay up way past a reasonable hour. Either that or he's totally caught East Coast bias, which is clearly a more malignant disease than I first realized. The man must escape this foreign land where only USC and Oregon matter and come back to the Best Coast as soon as possible.

Do you believe Arizona and UCLA should be top 25 teams? Will they be top 25 teams at the end of the season?