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Oregon Football: Snoop Dogg Dishes On De'Anthony Thomas

Famous rap mogul Snoop Dogg disses on one of his old players, current Oregon Ducks running back and Heisman Trophy contender De'Anthony Thomas.

Kevin Casey - Getty Images

Oregon vs. Tennnessee Tech deserves an obituary more than a preview, so instead let's focus on one of the coolest joints the Pac-12 Network has served you up today. It's the one and only D-O double G serving up some hype on the man who will probably score a touchdown or two on three or four touches, one De'Anthony Thomas.

In case you don't get the video above: So, Snoop, how did De'Anthony get that nickname?

"I crowned him the Black Mamba because I never seen nobody move on grass that fast other than a black snake." ~Snoop Dogg on De'Anthony Thomas.

Snoop isn't too happy that USC let Thomas go--if you might remember De'Anthony decided to become a Duck late in the recruiting process a year or so ago, and the Trojan fans seem pretty sore about that decommitment. Will it come back to bite for real when USC and Oregon prepare for their epic clash in November?

First things first though, which means dispatching of poor Tennessee Tech. How many touches will it take for the Black Mamba to sink his fangs in the end zone once again?