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Pac-12 Network & DirecTV: Larry Scott says a deal looks far off.

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott says the conference doesn't look any closer to getting the Pac-12 Network picked up by DirecTV.

Mike Coppola - Getty Images for DIRECTV

As expected, it doesn't look the Pac-12 and DirecTV will have any deal in place before Saturday's action featuring UCLA-Colorado and Oregon State-Arizona. Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott had this to say on Seattle sports radio earlier today.

It could be more posturing. Who knows. But Scott seems to have made it clear that his side is not caving to any of the demands of DirecTV, and they will stay right where they are in these negotiations. They believe that the market and the fans will demand the satellite carrier, and that'll be enough to get the network on their service.

Either that, or DirecTV's demands are so outlandish that no deal can possibly be put in place by either side that would appease both parties.

The only way you're getting Pac-12 Networks on DirecTV, is if you keep on demanding it. Right now though, it might be best to seek whatever alternative options you have, particularly Dish.