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Pac-12 Network Online Streaming On Comcast Underwhelms; No On-Demand Yet

Comcast rolls out its online streaming service of the Pac-12 Network for all seven TV channels.

So Comcast bided their time to get the Pac-12 Network up and running online long after Bright House, Cox and Time Warner were distributing the service through the Pac-12's website. If you had the guess the motivations behind their lolly-gagging, it was so they could cobble together a service that would be accessible through their websites to guide you to their amazing selection of On-Demand content to purchase.

For all Comcast subscribers to the Pac-12 Network, the content should be available to you now via one of these links.

So what exactly did Comcast have in store for their Pac-12 Network coverage. Must be something elaborate right? Must be cutting-edge if they put so much time and effort into it. Check it out after the jump!


Is this what the Internet would have looked like if our grandparents had designed it?

There's no functionality available at all here. You can't rewind 30 seconds in case the stream freezes up (which it inevitably will on gameday). You can't replay anything. You still have no access to the Pac-12 video archives or any setup of the dreaded Xfinity O n Demand services, which apparently won't be rolled out for another few months.

Yes, we plan to offer PAC12 Network content On Demand as well later this year.

All you get is the chance to do is adjust the video quality, adjust the video size, and adjust the audio. It's live or bust.

The Pac-12 Networks seem to be firmly implanted in the future. It appears that Comcast is still bent on ensuring that the Pac-12 Network will only be viewed through the prism of the past.