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Pac-12 Network: Dish And U-Verse Unlikely To Come To Terms This Weekend

Jon Wilner has the latest update.

It makes sense that if no deal has been by Friday, there will probably be no Pac-12 Network this weekend. There just won't be enough time to put everything in place for both sides this week. Even if the Pac-12 and DISH are closing in on a deal of some sort, you have to figure that if a deal is made, it won't come in time for this week's set of games and is being set up for future weeks.

It's sad that the other providers aren't close to coming to terms, but you figured that DirecTV and the Pac-12 Network were set for a potential long winter when that first form letter was issued that told subscribers to desert DirecTV. There are still two weeks until the hard deadline that the Cal-USC game, which would probably be the delineation point between a deal happening or no deal fixing things up.

A bigger question is this: Would a Pac-12 Network/Dish deal attract enough subscribers that it'd force DirecTV to the table? The reason Dish came to the table in the first place was to try and siphon off customers from DirecTV, although it remains to be seen whether they find enough demand for the product to justify offering the chnanel. It's hard to say, but you'd have to imagine the Pac-12 is just trying to find any fix to their national distribution problem as quickly as possible.

To find out how you can help the Pac-12 Network and Dish come to a deal, click here for more details.