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Pac-12 Network: Dish Network Deal Requires Fans To Step Up

A deal between the Pac-12 and Dish is close. If Pac-12 fans want Dish Network to distribute the Pac-12 Network, they need to ramp the pressure up.

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It seems like a deal is close between the Pac-12 Network and Dish is as close as we imagined. Once we saw the uplink had been established, it was only a matter of time before something happened here.

However, the conference is looking from that extra push from its fans to ensure the satellite company makes the final deal. Demand is apparently not high enough yet for Dish to pull the trigger, so the conference needs the support of its fans to make the final push.

Here is the letter the conference issued a short time ago to its fans.

While our conversations have been productive, suddenly DISH seems hesitant about just how much fans really want the Pac-12 Networks. With millions of you throughout the country, especially those of you out West, we know you are excited about watching your favorite Pac-12 teams. Unless we get a deal done soon, you will miss another weekend of football and will be in jeopardy of missing out on the full season.

But you can make the difference. And the time is now!

Contact DISH today - let them hear your voice, even if you have already told them you want Pac-12 Networks.

Dish Network is not known for its sports programming, so it's surprising to see them at the table. However, with talks with DirecTV at an impasse, this might be the only way for the Pac-12 Networks to garner national saturation this year. It also might be the only way to get fans in out-of-market areas like Washington D.C. and Chicago out of the dark.

A deal with Dish might be your best bet for the Pac-12 Network if you can't get the channel now, so it's time for you to put the pressure on and get your Pac-12 Network.