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WSU, Cal, Colorado Football Battle Cupcakes

The California Golden Bears take on Southern Utah, the Washington State Cougars take on Eastern Washington, and the Colorado Buffaloes battle Sacramento State.

Thearon W. Henderson - Getty Images

Or are they really cupcakes? All three Pac-12 teams are coming off of losses!

Let's take a quick look around our SB Nation sites regarding concern levels for each of the early afternoon games.

Cal vs. Southern Utah

ManBearCal of the California Golden Blogs seems non-concerned: "This is the part where I would typically explain how Southern Utah is above average and not to be taken likely, but last weekend has still left me rather raw and humorless. I'm not gonna bullshit you, so let's not kid ourselves here. Southern Utah is, unquestionably, our weakest opponent this season. They're an FCS team that went 6-5 last year and lost their best players at every offensive skill position besides quarterback. They got smoked last week by Utah State and only ran up 209 yards of total offense in a game where they were playing from behind from the get go. That's really bad. They will be completely and utterly outgunned and outclassed on Saturday."

Concern level: 3%

Colorado vs. Sacramento State

Ralphie Report roundtables the margin of victory they feel would make them happy with a win:

David: If we aren't up by at least 25 points at halftime and at least 35 points by the end of the game, I will not feel a little bit better about the CSU debacle.

Parker: It has to be somewhere around 21-24 points and the game needs to be over in the first half.

Denny: We have to beat these guys handily enough to see at least a quarter from our backup QB. I really want to see what it is that the coaches DIDN'T see in Connor Wood. I just still struggle with having to take the staffs word that Webb is that much better than Wood. We didn't get to see him at all with practices being closed. We know nothing as to how this kid plays the game. I want to see him. So whatever margin we need to get him some reps is what I see as respectable.

Jon: 20. It better be 20 damn points.

Ash: My answer's the same, but in different units. I want the yardage differential to be at least 150 yards in favor of the Buffs' Offense. I was going to say 200 yards, but then I realized that would be asking too much...

Actually? To hell with it: I want Colorado's offense to gain 200 more yards than SacState's offense. I want to see a definable separation between our team and theirs, and for SacState to be utterly unable to keep up with the Buffs. Almost like their team is in a totally different league than ours. Because they are.

Concern level: 2%

So it looks like things are all good with regards to concern...

Washington State vs. Eastern Washington

Uh oh.

Who Will Win: WSU vs. EWU
WSU by 1-7
58 votes
WSU by 8-14
203 votes
WSU by 15+
306 votes
EWU by 1-7
46 votes
EWU by 8-14
22 votes
EWU by 15 +
17 votes

652 votes

These poor Cougar fans. Only half of these guys are predicting a two-touchdown-plus victory? The concern for Jeff Tuel and the Mike Leach offense after that opening week debacle must be genuine.

Concern level: 15-20%. Pretty high for a cupcake.