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Washington Huskies roll through Arizona, prep for epic clash with Stanford

The Washington Huskies are unbeaten en route to a season-defining matchup with the Stanford Cardinal.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

1. If you were to summarize Washington football 2013 in a word, they'd be ______________ because ________________________.

Fulfilling because they finally have opened up with a schedule that is comfortable and really seem to be finding their identity on offense along with establishing a stingy defense.

2. Bishop Sankey carried the rock a lot in the Washington win. Would you consider Sankey the best feature running back in the Pac-12?

Depends on what you consider feature back, because I would probably put De'Anthony Thomas ahead of him in that category, even though he isn't a guy that carries the ball 40 times a game. But of traditional running backs, I would put him evenly with Ka'Deem Carey. Those two guys looked great without much to work with and looked almost like mirror images of each other out there Saturday.

3. How worried are you about Justin Wilcox's future in Washington, given the buzz around his name as a hot coaching candidate? How critical has he been to the resurgence of the Huskies?

I'm pretty worried about it. His defense is what's taking the Huskies to the next level, and with a young head coach like Sarkisian in place, I don't think you can convince him to lay in wait and be the heir apparent. However, I don't how yet if he has that college football head coach personality or if it is something he is even trying to do.

4. If you were to compare Washington football 2013 to a music band, they'd be ______________ because ________________________.

I wouldn't say a band, but I would say techno or electronic music, because it has seemed like for years that it has supposed to break out and become mainstream, and it finally looks like it might be happening - though it hasn't quite done it yet.

5. Stanford time. You upset the Cardinal last year, but you have to face Kevin Hogan this time and Stanford will be looking for revenge. What will Washington need to do to land the biggest victory of the Steve Sarkisian era?

They will have to follow the same exact script as they did last year and it will be very tough this time around as I think the Cardinal have a major upgrade at quarterback and the Huskies won't have a home crowd behind them. With that said, their defense will need to sell out to the Cardinal power run game to stop it while also not giving up big plays over the top like Washington State did and keep their offense in the game. The offense will then need to hit on a few big plays.