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Oregon, Alabama, Ohio State, Florida State: Who would you take in a four-team playoff?

What if the Ducks and Tide had to play their extra game to get to a title matchup this season?

Steve Dykes

Say there was a four-team playoff between Alabama, Ohio State, Oregon and Florida State (and I believe based on the way the playoff is supposed to go, it'd be Oregon-Ohio State and Florida State-Alabama as our semis). Who do you see coming out on top?

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes: This is the year that I think Oregon can finally win it. They have as much talent and experience as everyone at just about every position, they have the hardest scheme to stop on offense and the nation's best overall player in Mariota. Also, I think this is Alabama's weakest team of the past half decade, especially up front on defense, where you need to be elite to stop Oregon.

Jason Bartel, Arizona Desert Swarm: Oh Alabama still. Nothing has happened to this point to prove to me that a team can actually beat them. Right now I think Florida State has the most realistic chance of taking them down with how their offense and defense has looked.