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WSU football recruiting Q&A with Keenan Bowen of Coug247

How are the Cougars performing on the recruiting trail? We chat withKeenan Bowen of Coug247 to learn more.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

What are Washington State's goals for the season regarding recruiting? How many players are they looking to land? Who are their biggest targets?

This team is very young which bodes well for the future. Leach will want to sign a full, balanced class.

Based on who's graduating, what are the biggest needs for the Cougars?

I'd say offensive lineman and defensive backs are a top priority this recruiting class.

Which recruiters are attracting the most buzz on the trail? Are there any specific recruiting strategies that are selling the top recruits on the trail?

Coach Joe Salave'a and Coach Ken Wilson have had the biggest impact on this years class currently. The coaching staff has done a good job up to this point given the rebuilding effort on the field. As more wins roll in, they'll have even more success. The biggest selling tool they have is that Pullman is a true college town.

With Washington State close to bowl eligibility, is enthusiasm warming on the recruiting trail for Mike Leach's crew?

The wins are helping but I think the new football facilities that are being built are a big sell too.

Which recruits does Washington State stand a really good chance at landing, regardless of rank or standing? Who's the top recruit with the best chance of becoming a Cougar?

Outside of commitments they already have, I'd say Ainuu Taua or Kammy Delp. Both are great DL prospects.