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Is Stanford's victory over Oregon the most impressive college football win of 2013?

The Cardinal flat out dominated the Ducks for most of the game and took control of the Pac-12 with their Thursday night win.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Where does Stanford's victory over Oregon rank among most impressive wins in college football this year?

Chris Landon, UW Dawg Pound: The impressiveness of the Stanford victory, in the national Thursday night spotlight, is immeasurable in that it not only involved the standard-bearer for the Pac 12 in the post-USC penalties era (Oregon), but it also involved a style of football that is more closely associated with Nick Saban than Chip Kelly. To me, it also demonstrated that the key to beating any high-caliber team is to get them out of their game as early in the contest as possible. In that way, Stanford was very impressive in getting Oregon into a wrestling match that played to their strengths. Great game.

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes: Definitely have to put it as the most impressive. Going into the game, many were posing the question wondering if any team in the entire country could even compete with Oregon and the Cardinal dominated in every way shape and form.

Jason Bartel, Arizona Desert Swarm: I think Florida State's demolition of Clemson may be the only better win at this point. Alabama pulling away from LSU this weekend was pretty good too. But I put Stanford's win at No. 2 so far. It was very, very impressive because of how Stanford just flat out controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. The Cardinal limited the Ducks to just 312 yards of total offense (62 rushing yards) and 20 points, far below their averages of 632 yards and nearly 56 points going into the game. On offense, they held the ball for 42:34 and rushed for 274 yards. The final score just doesn't really indicate how much Stanford really dominated Oregon.