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Pac-12 Football Recruiting: The Top 10 Recruits to Come Out of Nevada During the Internet Recruiting Era

Las Vegas' Bishop Gorman has been a factory for churning out top-level recruits.

Layne Murdoch

The next installment of our look at the top recruits to ever come out of the various states of the Pac-12 region during the Internet age heads onto Nevada.`

  1. DeMarco Murray RB Class of 2006 - Las Vegas-Bishop Gorman - Oklahoma

Murray had the speed and vision of an NFL running back in high school at powerhouse Bishop Gorman and was one of the most coveted backs in the country in 2006.He turned down USC in the height of their power and ended up going to Oklahoma to follow Adrian Peterson. Murray had a legendary career at Oklahoma where he filled up the record books before being taken by the Cowboys in the third round of the draft.

  1. Xavier Grimble TE Class of 2010 - Las Vegas-Bishop Gorman - USC

Grimble was arguably the top tight end in the Class of 2010 as he brought great size and hands to the position. He really only considered USC and was one of the Trojans' best recruits in his class. Grimble has played well in his first two seasons of action of LA and could become one of the best tight ends in the Pac-12 in the next couple of seasons.

  1. Jalen Grimble DT Class of 2011 - Las Vegas-Bishop Gorman - Miami

Xavier's younger brother was a little bit smaller than him, but just as athletic, making him a very interesting prospect at defensive tackle. Many might have thought that Jalen would follow his brother to USC, but he flipped the script and headed to Miami. Grimble started seeing his first extended action in 2012.

  1. Ryan Reynolds LB Class of 2005 - Las Vegas-Bishop Gorman - Oklahoma

Reynolds was a tough, no-nonsense linebacker that was built like an NFL player in high school. He entertained a number of elite programs before choosing Oklahoma. Unfortunately, due to injuries, Reynolds was never really able to make an impact as a Sooner.

  1. Lawrence Guy DT Class of 2008 - Las Vegas-Western - Arizona State

A rangy defensive tackle with incredible speed for a defensive tackle, it's no wonder Guy was one of the highest-rated defensive tackles in the Class of 2008. Guy flirted with a bunch of national schools, but ended up going just a bit South of Vegas to Arizona State. He had a good college career, though not great and left a year early due to academic concerns and was taken in the seventh round of the draft.

  1. Ronnie Stanley T Class of 2012 - Las Vegas-Bishop Gorman - Notre Dame

A 6'6 tackle, Stanley's size and athleticism drew attention from elite programs all around the country. Stanley ended up signing with one of those elite national programs in Notre Dame and saw a tiny bit of time in 2012.

  1. Anu Solomon QB Class of 2013 - Las Vegas-Bishop Gorman - Arizona

Solomon is one of the best quarterbacks to ever come out of Nevada and his athletic game made him even more valuable with the increase in usage of the hurry-up offense. Arizona got on him early and Rich Rodriguez hopes that he can take the Wildcats to the next in his up-tempo attack.

  1. Po'u Palelei G Class of 2007 - Las Vegas-Bishop Gorman - Arizona State]

The massive Palelei was big enough to play in college as a freshman and was an Army All-American. Palelei chose Arizona State over Washington but didn't qualify and ended up at a junior college before ultimately signing with Utah. He has yet to play at Utah.

  1. Keenan Graham DE Class of 2009 - Las Vegas-Silverado - UCLA

Graham was an incredibly quick defensive end who could provide some serious heat off the edge and was one of the best players at his position in the Class of 2009. Graham chose over a number of other national programs and ended up playing a bit for the Bruins, but was never a consistent starter.

  1. Jeremiah Poutasi T Class of 2012 - Las Vegas-Desert Pines - Utah

Poutasi was a massive offensive lineman at 6'6 330 whose combination and size and strength made him one of the best lineman prospects out West in 2012. Poutasi had interested from all around the country, but kind of surprisingly chose Utah who was fresh to the Pac-12.

Others considered

Justin Chaisson (DE Class of 2009 - Las Vegas-Bishop Gorman - Oklahoma), Jashaad Gaines (S Class of 2006 - Las Vegas - Notre Dame), Torin Harris (CB Class of 2009 - Las Vegas-Palo Verde - USC), Alex Turner (DE Class of 2010 - Las Vegas-Bishop Gorman - Stanford), Kyle Van Noy (LB Class of 2009 - Reno-McQeen - BYU)