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Oregon football 2013 early lines: Ducks favored big in most games

The Oregon Ducks will be an instant BCS contender based on these early lines, but the road still goes through Stanford.

Doug Pensinger

If these lines are any indication, the Oregon Ducks might as well pencil in eight to nine wins on the schedule without even having to break a sweat. Oregon Is favored by three touchdowns or more in six contests, by two touchdowns or more in nine contests, by double digits in ten contests, and this list doesn't even include Nicholls get the picture. Oregon will be a de facto BCS title contender barring some drastic turn of events.

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And despite getting stonewalled by Stanford at home last year, it's Oregon who are getting the clear love from Vegas, being spotted pretty much a touchdown advantage on a neutral site over the Cardinal. The Ducks appear to have one task to conquer--beating Stanford in Stanford--overcoming a few potential traps in Washington and Arizona, and then winning the Civil War. But an 8-0 start for Oregon is probably a solid bet.

For the entire list of early Pac-12 football lines, click here. Here are the full set of early Oregon lines below.

  • 37 point favorites at Colorado
  • 35.5 point favorites vs. Washington State
  • 34 point favorites vs. California
  • 28.5 point favorites vs. Utah
  • 25 point favorites vs. Tennessee
  • 21 point favorites at Virginia
  • 20 point favorites vs. UCLA
  • 16 point favorites vs. Oregon State
  • 14 point favorites at Washington
  • 12 point favorites at Arizona
  • 4 point favorites at Stanford