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Oregon football the most exciting Pac-12 football team again

It's hard to think of a more fun casual watch on a Saturday in the Pac-12 than the Mighty Ducks out of Eugene.


The team that will be the most fun to watch in the conference will be _____ because _____.

Anthony Cassino, UW Dawg Pound: Oregon tends to be the most exciting team, and I'm most interested in watching them because I want to see if Mark Helfrich and Scott Frost can keep the Duck offense clicking or how much dropoff there is from Chip Kelly.

Chris Landon, UW Dawg Pound: I think that Cal should be much better than last season where they suffered from a slew of injuries and bad luck. There is latent talent, in particular at the skill positions, an enormous offensive line and a coaching staff that has a system which can lead to immediate results. On the flip side, I think Oregon State is the team most likely to take a step back and surprise in the negative. They have a big gaping hole in the middle of their defense (tackles and MLB) that they are plugging in part with unproven JC transfers. Coupled with a very uncertain QB situation, this could be a tough year in Corvallis.

Jon Woods, Ralphie Report: I am excited to see the Mike Leach offense at Washington State in year two. Hopefully all of the Cougars games will be a lot of fun this season.

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes: The easy, cliche answer would be Oregon, but honestly, most of their games are essentially over halfway thru the second quarter, so they are not as fun to watch as they might seem. I'm going to go with UCLA because Jim Mora is always entertaining, Brett Hundley is one of the best pure players to play at quarterback in the Pac-12 and ditto for Anthony Barr at linebacker. Also, the Bruins have the toughest schedule in the conference, so they will probably be playing in a lot of close games.

Phil Fraser, Ralphie Report: Oregon, because have you seen those friggin guys?

Kurt Sahr, Building the Dam: Oregon, because they're probably still going to score a zillion points a game.

nds500 (Noah), Addicted to Quack: The team that will be the most fun to watch in the conference will be USC because Lane Kiffin is pure comedy.

Jeff Nusser, CougCenter: Oregon. Always Oregon. The Ducks are appointment viewing for me every weekend. Who doesn't like an offense that is virtually unstoppable?

David Piper, Addicted to Quack: The obvious answer is always Oregon. That said, there is serious fun potential watching Sonny Dykes install the Bear Raid at Cal.

Jason Bartel, AZ Desert Swarm: UCLA because Jim Mora is out trying to take over LA and the West Coast.

Connor Pelton, Building the Dam: My answers seem to be a bit Oregon, but come on, how can you not go with the Ducks. Speed. Speed. And more speed. Will they put up 100 against Nicholls State? Will Virginia test them at all? Can they get back to the title game?