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Pac-12 football schedule: Oregon vs. Stanford the game to watch

It's starting to become a yearly tradition for college football fans to circle the matchup between the Ducks and the Cardinal on their schedule.

Steve Dykes

If you could attend one Pac-12 game in person this year, which would it be and why?

Anthony Cassino, UW Dawg Pound: UW/Oregon. I'm not really interested in attending non-UW games, and this is one of the biggest on UW's schedule. Husky Stadium is going to be insane for this game.

Chris Landon, UW Dawg Pound: I think a lot of people are going to say Oregon at Stanford. The game should be outstanding. However, having lived in San Francisco and attended several games at the Farm, I can attest that it isn't the greatest game day experience. Oregon at UW in the new Husky Stadium is going to be an outrageously electric atmosphere. I'm also still eager to experience the unique Rice-Eccles game atmosphere and I think that their game against ASU promises to be a huge upset opportunity for the Utes. In the end, I'm going to vote for the P12 Championship game. I expect that the matchup will be USC vs Oregon - which would be their first meeting of the year - and I think that the entire experience is going to be outrageous.

Jon Woods, Ralphie Report: Stanford - Oregon, for very obvious reasons.

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes: Stanford at Oregon on November 7. Unless one of the teams slips up a couple of times and loses more than a game coming in, the entire nation will be watching this game since it's on a Thursday, and even though Stanford Stadium isn't the most electric atmosphere in the Pac-12, the magnitude of the contest will make it impossible not to feel special.

Phil Fraser, Ralphie Report: Colorado at Washington, because that's probably what I'm going to do. I've been to every Big 12 stadium, and now I'm working on the Pac 12. I've never been to Seattle, and this year, with the newly redone stadium, seems like the perfect choice.

Kurt Sahr, Building the Dam: Not including Oregon State games, I'd attend Oregon @ Washington. If Washington is as good as they think they are, this game has the potential to be very hard fought and fun. And new Husky Stadium should be rocking.

Noah (nds5000), Addicted to Quack: Stanford/Oregon (and I'm going). Two best teams in the conference, could be playing for a Pac-12 North title and an opportunity to go to the national title game.

Jeff Nusser, CougCenter: Stanford and Oregon. I will not insult you all by explaining why.

David Piper, Addicted to Quack: Oregon at Stanford. Nothing is ever a guarantee (see USC last year), but there is a very good chance that this game isn't just for the Pac-12 title, but for a trip to the National Championship Game.

Jason Bartel, AZ Desert Swarm: Oregon at Stanford. Should be an unbelievable game given the recent history.

Connor Pelton, Building the Dam: Oregon-Stanford, without a doubt. This one always seems to be tight, and once again it will be for the North division title. Playing it on a Thursday night under the lights just makes it that much better.