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WSU football: Cougars proving they can win the tough ones

We chatted with Keenan Bowen of 247Sports to learn more about the Cougars.

Stephen Dunn

1. Okay. Where did that Washington State defense come from? Did USC's offense stop themselves or were the Cougars doing things too?

Combination of a couple things. I think it became clear early in the game that USC was going to go with the conservative game plan, which allowed Wazzu to play up and stop the short passing game and running game. Ever since the Apple Cup win to end last year, the WSU defensive has looked solid. Limiting big plays is the next big step.

2. The offense did close to nothing against that USC defense, but they pulled out the win! What did Leach do?

I think Leach changed his approach and play calling after the end-zone interception on their first drive. He knew he was going to be in a defensive battle and called the game as such.

3. What does WSU have to improve upon to win upcoming games?

Like after the Auburn game, Leach will be preaching limited turnovers this week. That is the next big step the offense needs to take and it falls on QB Halliday to do so.

4. Do you think Connor Halliday is the right man for the job?

I do think Halliday should be starting. Leach is a very open to playing whomever is the best for the job. Two games in, even after some struggles, Halliday is still his guy.

5. Has this win changed your expectations for the upcoming season?

For most fans, going 1-1 after these first two games was best case scenario. The Cougs certainly could have won at Auburn too. After the next two games (Southern Utah and Idaho at home), Wazzu should be 3-1 heading into the match-up in Seattle against Stanford. Will be a huge game. After seeing the results on the field the first two games, a bowl game is certainly attainable.