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UCLA football resurgent after Nebraska win

Do you feel UCLA is at the level of Oregon and Stanford after their win in Nebraska?

Eric Francis

Phil Fraser, Ralphie Report: Not really. If anything, I'd maybe downgrade Stanford a smidge. Nebraska has a crummy defense, and even crummier uniforms. I don't see it as a statement about Ucla.

Sean Reynolds, Block U: I don't know. I think it was a great win, but Nebraska is also a very overrated football program. So, I'm not ready just yet to proclaim them as a national title contender. Still, they should easily win the Pac-1 South.

Jason Bartel, AZ Desert Swarm: No, not quite. I think they're the class of the South Division. That was a pretty impressive second half by the Bruins this week though. They'll definitely get their chance to prove themselves, since they go to Stanford and Oregon back-to-back weeks in October. But I'm not comfortable with lumping them in with the Ducks and Cardinal right now.

Josh Schlichter, Pacific Takes: So far this season, it really does look like UCLA is ready to compete with Oregon and Stanford. The defense was really impressive in both second halves that they've played this season, and the offense looks good enough to put some points up against better defenses. I wouldn't be surprised if UCLA found a way to knock off one of the top tier teams in the North this season.

However, in the big picture I don't think they should be considered an elite level team just yet. Oregon and Stanford are proven national contenders with streaks of BCS bowl success. UCLA needs to win at least one conference title to be truly considered at the same level as the Ducks and Cardinal.

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes: Probably not, and I don't think we will really know until they play both of them down the road in the season. UCLA's win at Nebraska was very impressive, but we don't know how good the Huskers are, they almost lost to Wyoming earlier in the season, and the Bruins had a slow start. If they come out like that at Oregon next month, they will be behind 42-3 as opposed to 21-3.

Anthony Cassino, UW Dawg Pound: UCLA is probably on the level of Stanford, but I don't think I'd put anybody on the level of Oregon right now. The win over Nebraska was impressive, and I wasn't blown away with Stanford's performance against Army, while Oregon continues to look head and shoulders above everybody else.