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USC football: If you were Lane Kiffin, what would you do?

If you were USC's head coach, how would you right the ship?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes: Uh, I don't know honestly, go back in time and sign a better quarterback? Overall, I don't think they are in that bad of shape yet outside of their quarterback situation and they have three weeks now to get that solved before they have their first big test at Arizona State on the 28th. To get things right, I would use these three weeks to choose a quarterback, polish him and still hold on against Washington State and Boston College.

Anthony Cassino, UW Dawg Pound: Fire myself. Or, failing that, hand off as many duties to other people (i.e. playcalling and get the heck away from the QBs) as possible.

David Piper, Addicted to Quack: If I were Lane Kiffin? Resign.

Jason Bartel, AZ Desert Swarm: Convince Pete Carroll to come back? Matt Leinart's not busy right now, see what he's up to. I saw Mitch Mustain play Arena Football this year, maybe he'll stop by for a few weeks.

nds500 (Noah), Addicted to Quack: Fire myself. Absent that, develop one of my three elite quarterback recruits. Lane is supposed to be an offensive guru but he absolutely torpedoed Matt Barkley's senior season last year and appears to have no plan on offense this year. Depth is a problem but not THE problem for the Trojans.

Jeff Nusser, CougCenter: The whole thing just seems toxic. I don't know what can be done, other than clean house, and that's not happening for four months.

Patrick Flower, Pacific Takes: Make a quarterback decision and give up playcalling.