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Oregon Ducks have new helmets, Marcus Mariota & De'Anthony Thomas runs fast in them

What's new in Eugene?

De'Anthony Thomas practices his 40 time
via SB Nation GIF

The Oregon Ducks have their latest fashion upgrade! Take a look at their new helmets, which are of the carbon fiber type and quite mesmerizing.

Oregon didn't waste any time in getting going. They caught Virginia in a 3rd and short situation where they spread out the wide receivers in an empty set, and managed to get the safeties cheating toward the defense. With no safeties looking down the middle, no one was covering or spying Marcus Mariota, and he took full advantage with a downfield scamper to the end zone.

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Oregon then got a blocked punt later on to score another quick touchdown, and then an interception came almost immediately after that. Then De'Anthony Thomas took his turn to show how fast he can go, bouncing to the outside and taking seven seconds to traverse 40 yards into the end zone.


Oregon 21, Virginia 7, first quarter barely over. Statement made in Charlottesville.