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Pac-12 week eight random Top 10: Jake Fisher evades Eddie Vanderdoes ghost punch

A Top 10 of the best things of the Pac-12 eight weeks in.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Each week, I am going to produce a random Top 10 about anything and everything to do with the Pac-12 that week and overall in the season leading up to presenting the award for The Pettibone, which will be just an overall Pac-12 award for awesomeness. The rankings will be a bit running, as people, things and happenings move up and down throughout the year.

Let's jump into this week.

1. Jake Fisher

Whether it is completely deserved or not, Fisher's exit and reentrance coincides with Oregon looking like a really good football team. A guy who I have repeatedly said is very underrated is finally getting his due. Also, he kind of reminds me of a guy who would be a bad guy in a Revenge of the Nerds type movie from the late-80s/early-90s.

2. Eddie Vanderdoes' future in the WWE

That was an excellent ghost punch by Vanderdoes against Fisher. So good that I don't think Fisher even noticed.

3. Washington's front seven

Having Danny Shelton, Hau'oli Kikaha and Shaq Thompson in one front seven is almost unfair. They are going to make it very tough on Pac-12 quarterbacks throughout the season.

4. Stanford's front seven

Maybe even a better front seven than Washington's, this Stanford front is probably going to lock down all of the Pac-12.

5. Oregon's Playoff chances

And just like that, the Ducks are only four or five spots out of the Playoffs and looking serviceable along the offensive line. I think Oregon gets in if they win out.

6. Mora vs. Ulbrich


7. People starting to realize all offense and no defense makes college football a dull boy

I have long been crying that people might think the non-stop hurry-up and endless scoring would be cute at first but get gross once everyone in the country was doing it and based on comments, message boards and other places antisocial loners who like college football lurk, others are starting to see the light.

8. The race for the South

This is going to be crazy. I am ready for or a four or five-way tie and a team winning the division with five wins. I am ready for it all.

9. Shaq Thompson

Four defensive touchdowns halfway through the season. Ridiculous. Has he already broken the record for fumbles returned for touchdowns?

10. Marcus Mariota

He just keeps doing his thing and could easily get back into the Heisman race.