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#5 Chris Petersen vs. #9 Mike Leach: Vote for the better Pac-12 football coach!

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For a better explanation of the Best Pac-12 Football Coach death match, go here.

(Bracket available here).

It's an Apple Cup in the coaching ranks! Both Chris Petersen and Mike Leach pulled off solid upsets against their respective opponents. Petersen blew past Mark Helfrich while Leach edged out David Shaw in the closest of margins.



Now the head coaches of the Washington Huskies and the Washington St. Cougars get ready to square off in the semifinals.

#5 Chris Petersen, Washington Huskies head coach: Petersen hasn't coached in the Pac-12 yet, but he brings in an impressive resume spanning a decade at Boise State, winning nearly 90% of his games and generally keeping his team in the hunt for BCS titles. It remains to be seen if he can replicate that success at Washington, but he definitely will be coming in as one of the hottest new coaches in the conference in quite some time.

#9 Mike Leach, Washington St. Cougars head coach: Leach has become an iconic figure in college football for his awesome quotes and just all-around idiosyncracies. He is slowly bringing Washington State back from years of painful rebuilding, and they made a bowl game for the first time in a decade last season. Is he the man to bring WSU back from the ashes and return them to Pac-12 glory?

Prediction: This Apple Cup of coaching figures to be one to watch. Petersen will have the support of plenty of Huskies and Boise State fans, while Leach will have the support of Cougars and Texas Tech fans. Who has the bigger Internet advantage?

Both of these conference transplants are headed for an epic battle for the championship match. Who will triumph? Let us know in the comments!

Vote below! Voting closes May 27th.