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The worst Pac-12 coaching jobs of 2015: these coaches didn't show their best this season

Avinash Kunnath & Jack Follman rank the 2015 Pac-12 football coaching jobs from worst to first.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Avinash Kunnath & Jack Follman ranked the 2015 Pac-12 coaching jobs and combined their rankings to come up with the list.

Let's get started with the worst and stay tuned for the best tomorrow.

12. Gary Andersen Oregon State

AK: Andersen was in a no-win transition situation in Corvallis. However the Beavers did show encouraging signs of life in a few games and might not be too far away from improvement.

JF: Expectations were justifiably low for Andersen's first season and he still came up well short of them. I think he can still really succeed in Corvallis long-term, but that was a really, really rough season. The only game against a power five conference team they truly took to the wire was against Colorado at home.

11. Mike MacIntyre Colorado

AK: So frustrating for Mac. Logged his first Pac-12 win against Oregon State, then had several chances for big wins against Oregon, USC, UCLA and others and messed them all up. This is a big year to change things up.

JF: The Buffs were better under MacIntyre again and even got a Pac-12 win. They are far better off than they were a few years ago before he arrived, but programs aren't judged against past versions of themselves these days, they are judged against the other programs in their conference and unfortunately, it just doesn't look like MacIntyre has gotten the Buffs to where they are running with the pack. This was the last year they can celebrate moral victories in Boulder.

10. Rich Rodriguez Arizona

AK: Regression year for Rich Rod, who could not overcome a deluge of injuries. Still, he's only a year removed from the Pac-12 title game. And his Wildcats did upset Utah, so he wasn't totally punchless. Hung with a bunch of the best teams too.

JF: The Wildcats clawed to a bowl game, but they got a lot of help from a horrible non-conference slate as they only won three Pac-12 games and their only win against a quality team (Utah) required overtime. Worst for RichRod may have been the floundering of QB Anu Solomon who looked to maybe be their quarterback of the future at one point and many speculated his flirtations with other jobs affected the way his team played in at least a couple of games.

9. Todd Graham Arizona State

AK: Up and down year for Todd. Blown out by USC, rally to upset UCLA. Rally to beat Washington, blow the game to Wazzu. Hang tough with Oregon, get nothing done against Utah. Win the Territorial Cup, blow a three score lead to Cal. Til next year.

JF: Horrible year for Graham as his team entered the season as a popular pick to win the South and left with just six wins. The bigger picture issues for Graham in my opinion is teams exploiting his super aggressive defense for a lot of points and the fact that his team barely made a bowl despite having one of the most experienced rosters in the conference.

8. Clay Helton USC

AK: Man, there is still a lot of uncertainty with Helton. Has two good wins against Utah and UCLA that can mainly be ascribed to turnover luck, then struggled to beat Colorado, Cal and Arizona. Totally waxed by Oregon and Stanford. To be continued.

JF: Big jump between nine and eight in my opinion, but I am still pretty shocked USC handed Helton the keys with what he was able to do with USC's talented roster. He got nice wins at home against Utah and UCLA, but the Utes were pretty pedestrian down the stretch and the Trojans were due against an injury-riddled UCLA team with a freshman quarterback. Outside of those two games, Helton's teams' performance is questionable - they barely beat Colorado and reeling Cal and Arizona teams and got absolutely demolished by Oregon. His team/staff also didn't appear to be able to figuring out anything with Stanford as they lost in very similar fashion for the second time in 2015 in the championship game. But hey, they got to the championship game at least.

7.Sonny Dykes Cal

AK: Good for Sonny to get Cal back to bowl eligibility, but there's a lot of question marks surrounding what Dykes can do long-term in Berkeley. The 0-9 mark against California rivals sticks, and has yet to beat a top 25 team. Cal has hitched their wagons to him for a few more years though.

JF: All-in-all, I didn't think Dykes did that bad of a job in 2015. Going into the season, if you would have told me Cal would win seven games, I would think Bearland would be happy, but it didn't work out that way with how the season broke down for Cal. Dykes' Bears never stepped up against better teams, got a lot of breaks in early close games that kept them from losing a lot more games this season and have a cloudy future as Jared Goff likely leaves early after their bowl game.