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Pac-12 football historical March Madness: first round results

The Pac-12's 64 best teams of all-time is cut down to 32 based on voting by Pacific Takes writers.

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March Madness Bracket

Here is where the bracket standsTo go along with college basketball March Madness, we created some madness of our own by creating a bracket of the Pac-12's best football team of all-time, first announcing it last week.

We have voted for the first round match-ups and here is how they have played out along with how the bracket looks now and how many teams from different schools are in the final 32.

Here are the Pacific Takes writers who will be voting - Brent Armstrong, Jack Follman, Avinash Kunnath, Ryan McGinn, Mark Schipper, Dennis Smythe, Bill Stenlund, Trace Travers, Jamie Uyeyama

USC 13

Oregon 5

Washington 4

Arizona State 3


Utah 2

Colorado 1

Oregon State 1

Stanford 1

McKay Bracket

1. 2004 USC over 16. 1931 USC

Easy 1/16 game here with the favorite to win the tournament bashing a Pre-World War II team.

8. 1996 Arizona Stave over. 9. 1989 Colorado

Jake Plummer’s squad that ran the table in the regular season and came just minutes Away from winning a national title beats out a Colorado team that ran the table in the regular season, but lost their title in the Orange Bowl against Notre Dame.

4. 2012 Oregon over. 13. 1988 UCLA

One of the best teams of the Chip Kelly Duck era gets by a Cotton Bowl-winning Bruins squad led by Terry Donahue that features Troy Aikman, Carnell Lake and Eric Ball.

5. 1975 Arizona State over. 12. 1998 UCLA

Maybe Frank Kush’s best team which went 12-0 and finished #2 while giving up just 127 points with a win over vaunted Nebraska in the Fiesta Bowl gets the edge over Cade McKnown’s Bruins who stumbled down ran the Pac-12 table in 1998, but stumbled in their final two games.

3. 1967 USC over 14. 1939 USC

A unanimous national championship USC team led by O.J. Simpson that beat four Top 5 teams cruises over an early USC squad.

6. 2011 Oregon over. 11. 1995 Colorado

Chip Kelly’s Rose Bowl-winning Ducks gets by Rick Neuheisel’s best Colorado team that finished in the Top 5 and blewout the Ducks in the Cotton Bowl in 95.

2. 1974 USC over. 15. 1940 Stanford

A Coaches Poll national championship USC team that finished the season by beating Top 5 Notre Dame and Ohio State teams has no problem with a yesteryear Cardinal team.

7.  2006 USC over. 10. 1960 Washington

This may have been the first USC team in a few seasons to not at least play for a national championship, but they were still stacked and get the edge over a one-loss Washington team that finished the season by dominating the pre-determined national champion Minnesota Gophers in the Rose Bowl.

Carroll Bracket

1. 1972 USC over 16. 1933 USC

A 1/16 match-up, easy for the 72 Trojans.

9. 1969 USC over 8. 1990 Washington

This John McKay team went 10-0-1 and got past a Washington team that won a Rose Bowl over Iowa and finished in the Top 5.

4. 2008 Utah over. 13. 1997 Washington State

This Utes team that ran the table and knocked off Alabama in the Sugar Bowl was a unanimous choice over Ryan Leaf and arguably the best Cougar team of all-time.

5. 2010 Oregon over 12. 2011 Stanford

I loved this match-up between the Chip Kelly Oregon team that nearly won the national championship and Andrew Luck’s last Stanford team, but like that Stanford team showed when they lost to Oregon in 2011, their defense can’t handle Oregon’s speed in this match-up.

3. 1990 Colorado over 14. 2000 Oregon

Colorado’s national champions get some serious respect by beating a Joey Harrington-led Duck team that won the Holiday Bowl over Texas.

11. 1965 UCLA over. 6. 2007 USC

Our first upset has Tommy Prothro’s first team that beat top-ranked Michigan State in Rose Bowl beating a Pete Carroll USC team that really underachieved.

2. 1978 USC over. 15. 1937 Cal

Ah, another easy to call somewhat modern team against a pre-World War II team game.

7. 2010 Stanford over. 10. 1997 UCLA

Stanford’s likely best team ever led by Jim Harbaugh and Andrew Luck gets by a two-loss UCLA team led by Cade McNown that finished in the Top 5.

James Bracket

1. 1991 Washington over 16. 1920 Cal

Washington’s dominant defense get an easy win in their 1-16 match-up.

8. 2000 Oregon State over. 9. 1994 Colorado

This one-loss Oregon State team had Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmanzadeh at receiver and were dominating at the end of the 2000 season, blasting Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl. The Beavers get the edge on a one-loss Colorado team led by Kordell Stewart and Rashaan Salaam that also handled Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl.

4. 2002 USC over. 13. 1982 UCLA

This 02 USC team was the first to take off Under Pete Carroll and got the votes over a Top 5 UCLA team that beat Michigan in the Rose Bowl.

5. 2004 Utah over. 12. 2011 USC

The first Utah team to go undefeated beats out a team that was actually really good despite being coached by Lane Kiffin with Matt Barkley teaming with Robert Woods and Marqise Lee.

14. 1982 Washington over 3. 2008 USC

A massive upset according to seeding. This Don James Husky team was number one in the country for some time, but suffered a couple upsets and got the vote over Pete Carroll’s last great USC team.

6. 1984 Washington over. 11. 1955 UCLA

This one-loss Husky team beat Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl and won some non-ap/coaches poll national titles. They got the vote over a two-loss UCLA team that lost to Michigan State in the Rose Bowl.

2. 1954 UCLA over. 15. 1932 USC

Most probably don’t know about this UCLA team, but they went undefeated, won a Coaches national championship and amazingly outscored opponents 367-40 so they easily won over 32 USC.

7. 1970 Arizona State over. 10. 1998 Arizona

This Frank Kush-led ASU team went undefeated and outscored opponents 405-148, but gets knocked for playing in the WAC and it would have to burn Wildcat fans to have them edge out arguably the best Arizona team of all-time.

Jones Bracket

1. 1962 USC over. 16. 1926 Stanford

A dominant Trojans national championship team is the easy choice here.

8. 2000 Washington over. 9. 1986 Arizona State

This Rose Bowl-winning one-loss Husky team led by Marques Tuiasosopo always seemed to barely win their games and they narrowly won this match-up against a 10-1-1 Rose Bowl-winning Arizona State team.

4. 1979 USC over. 13. 1982 Arizona State

This Trojans team finished second in the nation, tied just one game and lost none and beat top-ranked Ohio State in the Rose Bowl, so it is not a surprise that they get the edge here over a two-loss Arizona State team.

5. 2014 Oregon over. 12. 2012 Stanford

This was a close one that the Heisman-winning Marcus Mariota-led Ducks snuck out against a Stanford team that beat a maybe even better Duck team and won a Rose Bowl, but who was not very consistent earlier in the season.

3. 2005 USC over. 14. 1988 USC

The USC team that barely lost to Texas in the national championship got plenty of votes past an 80s USC team that lost their final two games.

6. 1976 USC over. 11. 1971 Colorado

John Robinson’s first USC team lost just one game and beat number two Michigan in the Rose Bowl and that impressive pedigree gets them past a two-loss Colorado team that finished number three in the AP poll.

2. 2003 USC over. 15. 1928 USC

USC’s first national championship team under Pete Carroll cruises past a 1920s Trojan squad.

7. 2001 Oregon over. 10. 1968 USC

Until Chip Kelly came along, this Joey Harrington-led team was the best in Oregon history and our panel showed our respect by voting them past a 9-1-1 USC team led by O.J. Simpson.