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Pac-12 football historical March Madness: The second round

Pacific Takes writers whittle down to the best Pac-12 football team of all-time.

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Updated Bracket
Here is where the bracket stands.

To go along with college basketball March Madness, we created some madness of our own by creating a bracket of the Pac-12's best football team of all-time, first announcing it last week.

We have voted for the first round match-ups and here is how they have played out along with how the bracket looks now and how many teams from different schools are in the final 32.

Here are the Pacific Takes writers who will be voting - Brent Armstrong, Jack Follman, Avinash Kunnath, Ryan McGinn, Mark Schipper, Dennis Smythe, Bill Stenlund, Trace Travers, Jamie Uyeyama


1. 2004 USC > 8. 1996 Arizona State

Peter Carroll's best USC team showed just how much respect they have by getting a unanimous vote into the Sweet 16.

4. 2012 Oregon > 5. 1975 Arizona State

Chip Kelly's last Duck team that almost played for the national championship get the edge over one of Frank Kush's undefeated teams.

2. 1974 USC > 7. 06 USC

A one-loss, one-tie McKay team beats out a two-loss Carroll team.

3. 1967 USC > 6. 2011 Oregon

Chip Kelly's Rose Bowl-winning Duck team narrowly got beat out by a national championship USC team led by Gary Beban and O.J. Simpson as a junior.


1. 1972 USC > 9. 1969 USC

McKay's 72 table-running USC team that dominated every game they played other than one easily gets by a USC team that had just one tie and no losses but one a lot of close games.

5. 2010 Oregon > 4. 2008 Utah

This was as tight one, but Chip Kelly's Ducks that came just short of a national championship beat out an undefeated Utah team.

3. 1990 Colorado > 11. 1965 UCLA

This Colorado team won a national championship, but never seems to get respect, so nice to see them make the Sweet 16 over an underrated UCLA team from a long time ago.

7. 2010 Stanford > 2. 1978 USC

The biggest upset of this round, both of these teams are loaded with greats, but lost a game and I think voters gave Stanford the edge because their loss was a lot more excusable against an Oregon team that nearly won a national championship. Plus, having Andrew Luck at the helm and Jim Harbaugh coaching assuredly helps.


1. 1991 Washington > 8. 2000 Oregon State

I thought this quietly crazy good Oregon State team might get a vote or two against Washington's juggernaut defense and they did, but the 91 Huskies still move on.

5. 2004 Utah > 4. 2002 USC

Another minor upset that I don't love because I think 02 USC could give anyone a run for their money at the end of that season, but votes went with a Utah team led by Alex Smith.

2. 1954 UCLA > 7. 1970 Arizona State

This UCLA national championship team has a real shot at making the Final Four.

6. 1984 Washington > 14. 1982 Washington

Don James' 84 Huskies showed that they were better than James' 82 Huskies.


1. 1962 USC > 8. 2000 Washington

The team many have long considered the best team in Pac-12 history did lose a vote to a gutty Washington team.

5. 2014 Oregon > 4. 1979 USC

Heisman winner Marcus Mariota leads a Duck team over a Heisman-winner Charles White-led Trojan squad that was loaded with legends that went 11-0-1.

2. 2003 USC > 7. 2001 Oregon

Pete Carroll's first national champion gets past Oregon's best pre-Chip Kelly team.

3. 2005 USC > 6. 1976 USC

05 USC gets the edge in a fun match-up of USC teams that finished second nationally.