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Pac-12 football historical March Madness: Onto the Elite Eight

Pacific Takes writers continue voting for the best Pac-12 football team in history.

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Bracket 8
To go along with college basketball March Madness, we created some madness of our own by creating a bracket of the Pac-12's best football team of all-time, first announcing it last week.

Here are the Pacific Takes writers who will be voting - Brent Armstrong, Jack Follman, Avinash Kunnath, Ryan McGinn, Mark Schipper, Dennis Smythe, Bill Stenlund, Trace Travers, Jamie Uyeyama.

McKay Bracket

1. 04 USC > 4. 12 Oregon

This USC team seems to be the favorite to win this thing and getting every vote against an Oregon team that could arguably be there best-ever shows that. This USC team is exactly the kind of team that has given recent Oregon teams fit - balanced, strong up front with good running backs and well-coached.

2. 74 USC > 3. 67 USC

Both of these old school USC teams were very good, but the 74 Pat Haden-led version got the nod over Gary Beban and O.J. Simpson. Taking a look at the match-up the 74 team had the ability to put up more points than 67 so they probably would win with a little more offense.

Carroll Bracket

5. 10 Oregon > 1. 72 USC

Okay, if I could pull veto power in this thing, this is where I would do it. Huge upset, as the 2010 Ducks get past a USC team that is universally recognized as one of the best in college football history. I am assuming that voters are influenced by more recent success as only one voter cast for the Trojans. For the Ducks to win this match-up I would have to see the Trojan defense being completely miffed by the hurry-up and losing to the Ducks in a high-scoring shootout.

7. 10 Stanford > 3. 90 Colorado

Another upset by a 2010 team, but I understand this one a lot more. The Andrew Luck-led Cardinal team only lost in a bad match-up against Oregon and this Colorado team is one of the worst teams to ever claim a national championship and probably should have lost two games along with a tie. I think this Cardinal team would outpound this Buff team.

James Bracket

1. 91 Washington > 5. 04 Utah

Washington's smother defense would likely put a hold on Alex Smith and the Utes and the voters saw that with a near-unanimous vote for the Huskies.

6. 84 Washington > 2. 54 UCLA

This would be a great match-up between under-valued all-time great Pac-12 teams. With both teams having crazy good defenses, this would probably be a low-scoring contest and voters gave Washington the slight edge.

Jones Bracket

5. 14 Oregon > 1. 62 USC

Another big upset of a classic USC team by a modern Oregon. I would be a little bit more on board with this one since I do not think 62 USC is flawless, but this Oregon team lost to Arizona at home and was last seen getting throttled on a big stage with a team that was littered with injuries. How I think Oregon wins this one is catching USC with the hurry-up with Marcus Mariota burning them with his legs.

2. 03 USC > 3. 05 USC

I love this match-up between two of Pete Carroll's best teams and I think 03 got the edge for having a better defense with less injury problems than the 05 Trojans.