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Pac-12 football historical March Madness: 1991 Washington, 2003 USC, 2004 USC & 2010 Oregon in final four

Pacific Takes writers have whittled down the Pac-12's best football teams throughout history to four.

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Here is where the bracket stands.

To go along with college basketball March Madness, we created some madness of our own by creating a bracket of the Pac-12's best football team of all-time, first announcing it last week.

Here are the Pacific Takes writers who will be voting - Brent Armstrong, Jack Follman, Avinash Kunnath, Ryan McGinn, Mark Schipper, Dennis Smythe, Bill Stenlund, Trace Travers, Jamie Uyeyama.

McKay Bracket

1. 04 USC over 2. 74 USC

04 USC continues to roll and knocks out the last super old school team in the bracket. Pete Carroll's 04 squad was just too perfect for a USC team that lost and tied a game to compete with.

Carroll Bracket

5. 10 Oregon over 7. 10 Stanford

A rematch of two of the conference's best recent teams gives Andrew Luck and the Cardinal a shot at getting revenge on the only team that beat them. The voters and I agree that the Duck offense would be much too fast for the Stanford defense again in this one though.

James Bracket

1. 91 Washington over. 6. 84 Washington

Fitting that Don James' bracket is finished off by his two best teams. The voters and I agree that the 91 defense would be just too smothering for the 84 team.

Jones Bracket

2. 03 USC over 5. 14 Oregon

The precursor to Carroll's 04 juggernaut was a monster as well and proved it by getting out of their bracket. I think this game would look a lot like the first Playoff Championship Game with USC's ground game running over Oregon while Leinart and company pick on a dinged up Duck secondary and their elite front frustrating Mariota and Oregon's offense.