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Top six 2015 Pac-12 tight ends: Stephen Anderson best tight end in Pac-12

Ranking the top six tight ends in the Pac-12 going into the 2015 season.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

*Want to note on this that Oregon's Pharaoh Brown would have been the easy number one choice, but his future is uncertain after a horrible injury and USC's Bryce Dixon would be included but his future is in doubt in the Pac-12 due to off-field issues.

1. Stephen Anderson Sr. Cal

I will admit that I thought Anderson was a receiver, but he is listed as a tight end now on the Bears' roster. He had a breakout season in 2014 with nearly 50 receptions for more than 600 yards and five touchdowns.

2. Austin Hooper Jr. Stanford

Hooper could easily turn into the next Stanford All-American tight end like Coby Fleener or Zach Ertz. He hinted at his huge potential as a redshirt freshman in 2014 with 40 receptions for nearly 500 yards and two touchdowns.

3. Joshua Perkins Sr. Washington

Perkins is a smaller pass catching type tight end who was a weapon for the Huskies in the red zone in 2014 with three touchdown receptions. Things are looking good for Perkins in 2015 as he had 25 receptions for 315 yards to go along with those touchdowns while missing the first five games of the season.

4. Kody Kohl Jr. Arizona State

Kohl was a great red zone threat for the Sun Devils in 2014 as he caught four touchdowns on just 16 receptions. He should put up even more numbers in 2015 given that three of his four touchdowns came in Arizona State's final three regular season games.

5. Caleb Smith Sr. Oregon State

The 6'6 265 huge target has been a nice compliment to Connor Hamlett the past couple of years and is now ready to likely be the Beavers' top tight end threat. He had more than 500 yards receiving and caught five touchdowns the past two seasons.

6. Eric Cotton Jr. Stanford

Another talented young Cardinal tight end with a bright future. Cotton hasn't done too much in his career, but there are not many good tight ends coming back in 2015 and he could easily become an excellent complimentary piece to Hooper.