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UCLA Bruins miss opportunity after opportunity against Texas A&M

What concerned you the most about UCLA’s loss to Texas A&M?

UCLA v Texas A&M Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Taylor Henry: What concerned me the most was Rosen's inability to come up big, with the game on the line. His receivers made a lot of drops, but for a guy saying the crowd wouldn't bother him, he didn't show up and perform. I also have serious doubts about their new offensive system, can their O line hold up enough to run the ball to allow the pro style offense to work? I'm also not a fan of Jim Mora. When has he ever won a big game?

Jose Bouquett: UCLA had several issues during there game against Texas A&M the most glaring was lack of help Josh Rosen was getting from his line and skill position players. A&M has one of the better defensive lines in the nation and they made the UCLA offensive line look like little boys. They gave up five sacks total on the day and made Rosen uncomfortable in the pocket. Also, where was the help on the edges? So many dropped passes, two of them potential touchdowns and one that lead to an interception. This was not Rosen’s best game but gosh with the help that his linemen and receivers gave him its impressive he didn't play worse.

Gabey Lucas: Agree with Jose about Josh Rosen's skill players and line not helping out, but also what concerned me was Rosen trying to force plays and just in general making stupid decisions that cost them points. He's such a talented and smart QB but that doesn't matter if he can't be consistent and smart. I'll take a solid decision maker any day over somebody who can be a star or an idiot on any given day. The risk that the latter will show up is too much of a risk that it outweighs the benefits of the former.

Jeremy Baird: Mora's conservative coaching! I think it's safe to say that the D was good to excellent. I saw enough from Rosen, the OL and position players against a great DL and DC to believe that they will get better and be very good this year. But Mora kicking a FG from A&M's 3 and punting on 4th and 2 from A&M's 47 speak to an ignorance to coaching metrics that is concerning.

Travis King: UCLA’s offense left a lot to be desired in this match up. The line gave up five sacks and allowed heavy pressure all day, and never allowed Rosen to fully settle in. When Rosen had chances, he didn’t get much help from him skill players and ended up forcing plays that weren’t there. With that being said, if you’re going to run your mouth about Kyle Field, you better step up and deliver.