Exploring the uncertain future of Pac-12 football scheduling


The Pac-12 Championship Game format has changed for 2022, but the schedule for Pac-12 teams is the division-based structure the conference has used since it expanded from 10 to 12 teams. There was not enough time to reshape the schedule and remove the divisional structure involved. As you know, the Pac-12 currently has teams play all five divisional opponents and four non-division opponents, for nine total games. This means that even though the conference has had two divisions for over a decade, the schedule is not heavily weighted toward division results. In the ACC and SEC, for instance, teams play six division games and two non-division games. That is a schedule in which division records truly matter to a much greater extent. In the Pac-12, it’s not nearly as much. Rugby enthusiasts and the like are now scouting on where to watch the rugby world cup live, delayed but high-quality videos, through satellite feeds, cable, freeview box, broadband, or online with a laptop or pc.

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